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We are a technology leader focused on unleashing the potential of data so that we can fulfill our purpose: Create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth. This is our ultimate motivation and why we exist.

We are in the midst of an exciting journey to go beyond just PCs and servers to a company that is at the center of a new era where everything looks and acts like a computer. The explosion of devices and data has led to several technology inflections—AI, 5G network transformation, and the rise of the intelligent edge—that, together, will shape the future of technology.

Whether it’s using AI to stop illegal poaching or engineering greater safety into autonomous vehicles, our innovations help solve global challenges. Yet, our work is far from done.

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Sharath K. Dhamodaran

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Sharath K. Dhamodaran  Quick Responder Coach

Senior Manager, Data Science - UnitedHealth Group
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I have 9 years of professional experience solving interesting problems using data science. My approach to data science is not to work harder or smarter but to work on the right things. I leveraged many personal projects and put together my own curriculum from material that suited my goals, background, and learning style. I enjoy interacting with students and professionals and helping them trans...

Engineering & Data Data scienceMachine LearningStatistics
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Devang Aggarwal

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Devang Aggarwal 

Product Analyst - Intel Corporation
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Spirited Product Analyst working in AI & IoT. Currently working on driving developer adoption for OpenVINO™ toolkit through 3rd party/CSP Marketplaces, AI models and Docker Container Apps.

Currently pursuing a Professional Certification in Machine Learning from Cornell University. Working on enhancing technical skillset through the learning of various machine learning algorithms.


Product & Marketing ProductMarketingRequirements
7 Day Trial United States of America USA
$50 /month
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