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Being a Product Manager can be super hard at times. As your mentor I can help you be your best, coach you through the tough spots, and share my learnings and techniques. I've worked for 9+ years as Product Manager in 4 startups in London, UK and fully remote. Through …

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👋 Hi folks! I'm Iván González Sáiz, a seasoned software engineer with a Bachelor's degree in computer science and over 14 years of professional experience. I've passionately built outstanding digital solutions across various domains in my journey. 🌐 My T-shaped profile spans Backend development, Frontend, DevOps, Mobile Development, and UI/UX. …

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Hello, I'm Catarina, a dedicated and passionate Product Manager with a strong focus on B2B products. Over the past 3 years, I've gained a deep understanding of customer needs, product development processes, and competitive landscapes. I have successfully led cross-functional teams to deliver impactful product solutions that have helped drive …

$80 / month
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As a self-taught engineer myself, I know the struggle that is to develop both technical and soft skills. Throughout this journey, having a mentor was essential to set goals and learn new concepts with confidence. In 2019 I started giving back to the community as a mentor. I have a …

$350 / month
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I'm a Staff Product Manager that loves to build customer experiences anchored on user-centered design and data-driven decision making within collaborative teams. I have a strong background on User Experience and Design and have worked with many talented designers and engineers on creating great E-commerce and Web Applications experiences. I've …

$120 / month
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Interview Preparation

Offered by Sandrina Pereira

I have experience with interviews specialized for frontend/UI developers. I gave (and attended) multiple of them across the last two years. In this session, I'll share with you tips about … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $149
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Interview questions aren't always fair. The best thing you can do is prepare for them. Get the inside scoop on current interview questions from current Remote employees.
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Technical interviews often ask for very specific skills. Get help from a Remote expert to hone your skills and get the job.
Detailed feedback.
Way better than yet another coding exercise. Get detailed feedback on your interview performance from an industry expert.
Real life mock interviews.
Practice makes perfect. Get a real life mock interview with a Remote expert and get the job.
Affordable rates.
Remote experts are available at affordable rates. Get the help you need to get the job without breaking the bank.
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Get continued career coaching services from a Remote employee. Get help as you enter your new job and beyond.

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