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Director | Consulting | Data Science & Analytics | Financial Services at Tangience Analytics
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👉 Finding it hard to break into Data Science, Analytics or make that jump to Financial Services or Consulting? 👉 Struggling with leadership or soft skills that will land you that promotion? 👉 Learning new skills via online courses but not sure which ones to choose? 👉 Constantly thinking you …
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Data Scientist at UBS
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Shaksham has 3+ years of experience in data science. He is an experienced ML and NLP practitioner and is currently working as a Data Scientist at UBS, developing NLP/ML-based products. He has also done extensive research in ML and NLP, where most of his work was focused on using ML …

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Offered by Shaksham Kapoor

I am an experienced data science practitioner with expertise in NLP, and ML. In my stint as a data scientist for ~4+ years, I have had ample opportunities to participate … Read More

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