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Shaksham Kapoor

Researcher | Jr. Data Scientist - Persistent Systems Limited

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Shaksham has over close to 2 years of (professional + research) experience in data science. He is an experienced ML and NLP practitioner. Currently, he is working as a Project Engineer at PSL where he is developing NLP/ML-based products. Prior to joining PSL, he has done extensive research in machine learning and NLP where most of his work was focused on using ML /DL models to enhance the performance of existing models. His current research is focused on NLP, class imbalance problems, and knowledge-based graph search. Being good at maths, he is also comfortable with the mathematical details which run behind any ML/DL algorithm/model. So, if it's been bugging you or you are interested to learn more about it, he can definitely help you. He is looking forward to mentoring some awesome guys/gals out there who want to explore this domain.

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