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Senior Software Engineer (FullStack) - Epic Games

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Senior software engineer at Epic Games with more than 7 years of professional experience in Javascript and 3 years in Typescript.
I'm an expert on Frontend and can help you elevate your technical skills with:

- Web frontend including architectures, design patterns, popular tooling and setups, testing, popular frameworks such as React, Svelte, and state management using React hooks and context, Redux, Redux observables, State machines and Statecharts (XState), and Mobx state tree.
- Jamstack (Static generation/SSR) using Gatsby, Sapper, Jekyll, and Netlify.
- Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices using React Native.
- Desktop development using Electron.
- Node.js and API development including popular libraries such as Express and Koa

and other skills such as:

- Team communication tips
- Career development
- Technical team leading
- Code reviews
- Technical workflows (release management, pipelines, version control flow)

How I tend to work with my mentees:

Our program usually starts with a short introductory call to get to know each other better and to fashion a healthy roadmap based on the mentee's goals, passions, and desires.
I'd be available every day to help you through your learning routines and get you up and running in case of any questions.
Besides the daily routines, we'd also have a main path to follow named as the educational path. It doesn't have to be educational though. Usually, these paths are fashioned based on what YOU as a mentee would fancy achieving and I'll ensure the quality and consistency.

Farzad is an excellent mentor, teacher, and overall great human! He guides you to understanding rather than just providing the answers. Farzad is patient, friendly, and I would highly recommend hiring him as your mentor.

Testimonial by Olivia from February 2021

Super skilled, patient, and gifted at explaining complexity layer by layer.

I came to Farzad as an experienced developer with some front-end problems that I overcame lickety-split with Farzad's helpโ€”saving me many hours of time.

I'm super happy working with him.

Testimonial by Mark from January 2021

Farzad is a good guide and helps me focus on the areas I need to improve to become a wiser developer. I recommend Farzad as a mentor.

Testimonial by Fabrice from October 2020