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Software Developer, Tutor - Fortune 100 company, also a freelance tutor

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Do you want to...
* switch to IT from another profession?
* study the basics of Machine Learning?
* use your programming skills to make a contribution to humanity?

I'm here to help you!

You know, I love computers since I was a kid (I bet you too :)). My father, who is a tech lead, taught me how to program in Pascal, so I don't just play Prince of Persia all the time. His plan worked, as I really enjoyed programming. For a long time though, it was just a hobby for me.

In the meantime, I discovered my love to teach, and eventually obtained a teacher's degree. I taught, tutored and mentored hundreds of people in various areas from math to social skills. I love helping others. But public education was not for me.

So I decided to teach myself programming as a professional. After six months, and half dozen interviews, I landed my first job. Later I wanted a part-time job, to have more time for tutoring and my family. It was much harder, but I did it eventually, learning a lot about the interviewing process. I also had to create some killer marketing materials for myself, and you should do it, too.

Here's the list if you are interested:

1. I now have an interactive CV, which always elicits intrigue from HR personnel.
2. I also have a top notch CV with professional design.
3. I collected dozens of Java interview questions along the way.
4. I also have take home assignments.
5. I wrote down my experience and plan to write a book about all of this.

If you want to learn not just about programming, but selling yourself at the interview, I can help you with that in a great deal! If you're not sure yet, try a free week, I can guarantee you'll love it! :)

My work experience: I have 3+ years of experience in Java, and 1 year with Python. I also did a few courses in Machine Learning, which is my fav topic. I don't have a degree in CS, so if you want to get into the world of software development from outside, I'm probably the right mentor for you. Just write me, and we'll work out if we are a good fit.

I only have time for one more student right now. Be quick, as you know: early bird catches the worm! :)

One of the best mentors I have ever dealt with. Super helpful and super productive!

Testimonial by Kiril from October 2020
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