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Have you ever felt like you were not landing the opportunities that you deserved, that your growth didn't keep up with your ambition or potential?

Hi, I'm Gustavo, and my speciality is making sure you stand out from the crowd and get the opportunities that you deserve in your career or your business.

How do I do that, I hear you ask?

By showing you how you can use tried-and-tested science-based methods to stand out in a noisy competitive market in a way like no one else does.

What do I mean by tried-and-tested?

I have to date successfully coached over 200 clients on their careers, from the simple CV rewrite to the strategic long-term career vision to switching to their dream career or to freelancing.

Some of my clients have gone so far as jumping two steps up on the career ladder, while others simply doubled their salaries after working with me, and others still managed to finally land their dream boss: themselves.

My methods stand out because I am not an HR professional, recruiter or conventional career coach. I am great at what I do because my very first case study was... me!

In 5 years from graduating, I went from entry-level to Vice-President of a high-growth global tech startup, more than tripling my salary in the process.

In. Five. Years.

My methods work exactly because I am not an HR person, as I know exactly how to have you stand out from everyone else, including those who invested in career coaching from a HR professional!

Among the great achievements my clients obtained from working with me, I can quote

- One software developer who doubled his salary at once.
- Over 50 people who switched careers WITHOUT dropping on salary
- A dozen people who successfully transitioned from employee to freelancer
- And several more who achieved so much clarity around their careers they put themselves in a very strong position to grow further in the short and the long-term

Is that what you'd like from your career?

If you too want to get your career to the next level, unlock great opportunities and truly stand out in the market, like over 200 clients have to date, then get in touch.

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