Dana Leshchuk

Digital Designer @ Zington Digital Design
Switched tourism to design • 3+ experience in Design
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Hi! 👋 I'm Dana - passionate about user-friendly and eye-pleasing design that engages users, and crazy about prototyping and micro interactions. 🙈

I got a Master degree in Tourism Management in Poland, but then realised that my true passion is design. I studied Graphic design and then learned UX/UI by creating an app for a startup.

Now I have 3+ years of experience in UX/UI design, and working full-time in Swedish bank with over 65 designers as a consultant in Stockholm.

My goal is to help you to find your passion and archive your goals in a most efficient way.

Beside English, I speak Ukrainian, Polish and Swedish. I love reading books about behavioural psychology and productivity. I like joking, but as for design, I'm demanding and precise, so be ready to work hard, but I promise it'll be worth it! 💪

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