Hello, I'm Chris Ellinas and I love solving business problems, through design thinking!
I believe in good people. Good work is secondary.
I had the opportunity to work with engaging clients and brands around the world. My main client right now is Netflix where I design logos for movies and tv series (You have probably seen some of them but I can't tell you which they are...yet🤫).

I have worked with some other large companies in the past and as employ in advertising through Ogilvy.
I'm also into video production for a local tv-series and most importantly online education which will be my main focus this year. I'm also designating my free time to help and teach creatives about the business part of the design industry and people that are looking to jump to the next level.
(You can find more free content on my youtube channel and podcast, link ⬇)

I like to focus my time on a small selected number of Mentees per year, so I'm asking for three main things from you before you apply:
💪Be ready to put on the hard work, physically.
🎨Expect to be challenged, creatively.
🧠Be open-minded, mentally.

Some of the topics we could talk more about are:
• Career launching (design, freelance, employee, youtube, podcast).
• Career growth & coaching.
• Finding your next client.
• How much to charge?
• The business part of the creative process.
• Process refinement.
• Portfolio/CV Feedback.
• Land your dream job.
• Create a tailored study plan or career strategy.
• Start your own Business.
• How to run your business.
• How to film yourself.
• Designing or Video editing issues.
• Personal or Business issues.
• Finding your life/career purpose.
• Open talk... (about your favorite Netflix tv-series maybe?)

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
And get ready to lunch in T minus 10...9... 🚀

Wait… there's more, if you look around you can find more about my work and portfolio, get free help from my videos, and be inspired by my podcast:

🔥Website: www.chrisellinas.com
💼Behance: https://bit.ly/3qibBOR
🎥Youtube: https://bit.ly/2xEtfCQ
🎧Podcast: https://www.christosellinas.com/podcast
🙈Instagram: https://bit.ly/2QZrQhj
🙊Twitter: https://bit.ly/2QW8Jok
🙉Facebook: https://bit.ly/2w0nfE9
👔LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/33W4deJ

What students say

"Chris was amazing! In a very short time he helped me stay on track with my goals and stay motivated to achieve them. I definitely recommend working with him. He is a great listener that will help you find focus."
Florian, March 2022
5 stars


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