Corbet Fawcett

Coach @ Plan Forward Coaching

What mentoring would make a big difference in your life? No matter where you’re coming from I can help. I've transitioned careers (more than once!). I've worn all the major hats of UX — UX design, UX research, UX writing. I bring over 10 years of leadership experience. I've interviewed hundreds and hired dozens of UXers. Sound like a fit? Let's talk.

A bit more...

I’ve led UX design teams, user research teams, and UX content teams for over a decade now. I know the space and I’ve walked the path of both individual contributor and people leader. I get the lingo, can talk “double diamond” and “Jobs to be Done.” I know what it takes to thrive in this fabulous field and I've spent years helping teams succeed.

My approach is heavy based on coaching. This means that while I'll bring a lot of experience to our conversations, any session with me will be 100% focused on *you*. A session with me focuses on helping you explore your own options; it's rarely me telling you what to do.

Connect with me if you want a thought partner — someone to help you work through a work challenge, detangle a career decision, or plot a path towards a big goal. You know your life best! I’m there to help you figure out how to bring your existing skills to a specific goal or challenge. Sound like what you’re looking for? Let’s connect!

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