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Heather Morelli

Sr Director, Engineering @ Ex-Tableau|Salesforce|Expedia
20+ years of Software Engineering Leadership
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I got my start in ecommerce and then learned all about Enterprise Applications. I have over 20 years of leadership with the bulk of it at the Senior Director level. I've managed software engineers my whole career, primarily focused on Quality, Automation, and DevOps. Talk to me about how I justify budget for brand new headcount in brand new roles and how I protected Automation Engineers from being co-opted into working on features. Need help diversifying your team? I've been focused on this for years in the technology space. Want to become a people manager? I'll drill into your motivations and give you brutal honesty in whether I think you're capable now or have things to work on. Not sure how to approach performance management? Let's talk through it - I've been on both sides of that pendulum with under performers and the smartest person in the room.

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