Software engineer at Amazon Blockchain with expertise in developing scalable and fault tolerant microservices. I have architected and developed performant software, comprising of maintainable and robust engineering principles. I enjoy building scalable and distributed systems and often contemplate the longevity and economic trade offs of a project. I was previously the lead solidity engineer for a social media Metaverse company where I wrote smart contracts for.

I have designed and developed trading APIs and internal tooling for financial companies primarily on the JVM; technologies involving Spring, Postgres, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker. This has all been implemented for scale and low latency, all which have satisfied hundreds and thousands of customers.

I provide mentorship regarding career progression, which entails what to focus your time on to progress fast in the technical field. This includes certain technologies, design patterns, data structures, algorithms and best practices which make a strong engineer. I provide expertise on design and architecture of systems, advice on which languages, tools, platforms to use. The number one rule is to pick the right tool for the right job, often which many get wrong; a problem which I aim to solve.

Mentorship consists of hosting a 40 minute session per week to discuss questions regarding tasks I set each week, which consist of providing technical resources which I recommend to my mentee's. I also provide contact through Discord, if any questions may arise during the week.

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5 out of 5 stars

Very productive session. John has given me very valuable advices



5 out of 5 stars

John is a great mentor very helpful at showing what you need to know.



John is perfect, I'm just lacking in some technical knowledge to make the best out of him, I'd like to study the subject myself for a little while before proceeding!

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