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Jun Feng

Data Analyst @ Vaco for Google
Assistance for Data Analyst Resumes, Mastering SQL Coding, and Acing Mock Interviews
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I'm an experienced data analyst who went from having a Ph.D. in a different area to working at Google via Vaco. I have a lot of experience with changing careers and what I should put into the data analyst resumes. I'm also a heavy SQL writer in daily work.

Through my service, I offer resume editing, SQL writing, and mock interviews to help you win a data analyst job. My offerings include:

- Resume Optimization: Streamlining your resume for data analytics roles.
- Peer Coding Practice: Enhancing skills in SQL.
- Mock Interviews: Preparing for tech and case interviews.

Besides, I have also had the privilege of teaching credited undergraduate classes, which has given me valuable insights into the needs of students and how to effectively convey complex information.

The standard plan includes weekly 50-minute sessions, providing consistent guidance and progress tracking. Additionally, individual plans are available and adaptable to your specific needs and goals. Let’s collaborate to chart your path in data analytics!

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5 out of 5 stars

I had an amazing call with Jun. She was very professional, calm, and fun during our call. She also explained to me every step on how to become a data analyst, and what to expect from the field as well. With my previous and current experience, she was able to design a study plan where I could make the most of it. I am definitely will be rescheduling another call soon.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

I have eight years of experience in project management and decided to go back to grad school to help make a change towards data analytics as a new career. For a long time after graduating I tried searching online for guidance on how to direct my time to be most effective in finding a new job and I felt rudderless. That is when I decided it'd be worth looking into finding a mentor to help point me in the right direction. Working with Jun was my first experience in having a mentor. In our initial conversations she helped to narrow down my focus and even suggested considering more targeted individual sessions rather than an ongoing relationship--she was very fair in suggesting what she thought was best for my situation. Over the course of our sessions I originally suggested meeting every other week. She stayed on top of suggesting that we meet every week and reminded me that I could reach out to her in between meetings. This really helped me stay motivated and on track between meetings. She helped to provide really actionable insights towards improving my resume, behavioral interview questions, and technical interview questions. I will always appreciate the feedback Jun provided and hope to continue our relationship to top up my interview skills as I continue applying. If you're on the fence, I would definitely recommend considering a mentor and especially considering Jun. Her help was super valuable to me and I hope it'll be for you as well.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Jun is a great teacher of fundamental and advanced concepts. Helped me in my weaknesses and provided clear way of explaining things I feel improvement in my skills

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