Olivier Adam

Chief Growth Officer @ ReferralCandy - Commercial leader, Advisor, Investor & Board member
$5-50m+ ARR Growth strategist and commercial leader with 3 successful exits
Singapore Active last month


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Most of my career (20+ years) has been spent working and helping start-ups (mostly Series A/B) scale up and succeed at the C-level. I've mentored hundreds of start-ups over the years and covered most aspects surrounding the commercial realm such as fundraising, GTM, strategy, pricing, commercialization, marketing, customer success, retention, hiring, building exceptional teams, etc. I've worked with start-ups across the globe with particularly strong experience in the Americas, Europe, and APAC. 3 of the start-ups I've been involved with had successful exits and I've been involved in 8 different rounds of fundraising over the years.

Finally, I've done all this across multiple industries but always focused on the tech/SaaS sector. I've particularly enjoyed the following industries: Martech, eCommerce, and fintech.



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