Wiktoria Przybylska

I help startups grow @ Self-employed (http://wiktoriaprzybylska.com), co-founder (http://theassist.me), ex-Microsoft
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$240 / month

For startup founders. We can focus on 1) funding, 2) Expansion, 3) Product/idea validation.

Regular calls, per agreement

Unlimited Q&A via chat

Expect responses in 24 hours or less

` Tasks & exercises

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In short: I'm based in Vienna, and I specialise in helping startups with 1) funding, 2) expansion, 3) Go-to-market strategy.

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with projects and businesses that are changing the world (or at least, making one's world a little bit better and easier).

For the past 8 years, I’ve worked with 100+ startups, along with the majority of top VCs/corporations in CEE. I cooperated with startups on both sides - as a corporate and startup representative. My corporate career started in Carrefour (a French retail chain), where I coordinated relationships with startups, co-created the first Poland Retail focused incubator, and led the most innovative projects in Polish retail. I then joined Microsoft, and as the Head of Startups in Poland, I managed and helped grow 60+ startups. I was responsible for shaping a 2-year startup program to ensure startups grew and flourished at that time. I engaged with various partners in the startup ecosystem, developing offerings to support engagement and attract high-potential startups, including mentorship, and Go-to-Market support.

On leaving Microsoft, I was ready to embark on building my projects and helping others grow. I acquired valuable knowledge, including how to build strong partnerships, what VCs are looking for, how to sell to corporations, and how to create meaningful business relationships.

Right now, I offer mentorship, help with funding and go-to-market support. I help startups connect with the right stakeholders, and I guide them so they can achieve their goals.


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