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"Eric has challenged my thinking and encouraged and help me to grow personally and professionally! I really enjoy talking to him and the tasks he is giving are useful and lead to a better understanding of myself and my business career. If you are stu…... [View More]

Review Your Business Pitch Deck

Will help and guide you to fix and create a comprehensive Pitch Deck. This includes - brainstorming your business plan/model and align it with your pitch - guiding you through the different elements needed to make your deck a success - supporting you with your …

$80 / 45 min

Leadership skills / Personal Development Strategies

(2 sessions of 45 mins each) Advancing to the top of your field is what makes your business or job challenging - besides your technical skills and the know how - you also need a few soft skills, not the least of which is the …

$180 / 90 min

Validate Your Ideas and Find The Right One

You have an idea or many ideas. You need validation. You need someone to talk, brainstorm, find out what works and also question its sustainability. You want help in organizing, structuring and laying the foundation for your BIG startup. You need to brand yourself or …

$40 / 45 min

Business Crisis Management or Ideas for a Pivot

Are you in spot where you need help or brainstorm ideas to get your business out of crisis or find ideas on how to pivot your business. See how I have helped an existing business in UK to pivot and get more traction during covid-19 …

$60 / 45 min

Introductory Call

If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works – this should be for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, a mentor will introduce themselves, show you around the platform, explain how our mentorships work and explain …

$39 / 30 min

Personal or Corporate Branding and Management Planning

(2 sessions of 45mins each) Personal branding - Create a branding strategy to position you as an authority in your industry, elevating your credibility, and differentiating yourself from the competition. This will help you create: - A platform where you can launch any idea or …

$120 / 90 min

Create Your Business Pitch Deck

( 2 sessions of 45 mins each + get the final pitch deck designed and ready for presentation) THIS WILL BE A 2-3 weeks PROJECT. Design your entire pitch deck to be visually appealing Samples as below ; I will work with …

$499 / 0 min

Ideas for Marketing Your Startup on a Tight Budget

Having the right services and products is not enough; you have to find the right market for it. Develop customized marketing strategies for your target audience. Let me show you strategies for Marketing Your Startup on a Tight Budget

$45 / 45 min