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Mentors on MentorCruise are vetted and reviewed for their performance. 97% of mentees have rated their mentors a full 5 stars.

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We don't force you into long-term contracts or need you to give away part of your business. There's no catch!

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You are building a business, that takes time, energy and determination.

Then why are other startup programs trying to rob your time? Signing you up for workshops and office hours, when all you need is a piece of advice?

MentorCruise has no-bs, straight-to-the-point access to world-renowned mentors. No fineprint.

“Our session was jam packed with thoughtful conversations and it really flew by. At the end, we decided on a direction for my business.”
Trent Guillory
Founder, Twig
“I had an amazing experience with Shawn. I appreciated how he connected the dots between business and design.”
Neda Sefati

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