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Hey there! I’m a previous startup founder and currently a machine learning and data science tech lead at Google. I have expertise in machine learning, software engineering, and data science. Prior to Google, I was the founder and CEO of the Turtles app, a customer marketing and engagement platform for …

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Head of Engineering with wide experience in managing Engineering Strategy, Tech teams and building highly scalable and robust distributed systems. Have strong understanding of all stages of Software Development Lifecycle as well as Agile methodologies and have wide experience in using them in daily development process. Focused on business requirements …

$180 / month
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15+ years of helping digital, product-driven & high-tech B2B companies (and some B2C occasionally) to: 1. Go-to-market globally (including all the major growth marketing and sales channels and tactics) and 2. Engineer their growth with no-code / code / AI tools to create integrations and automations across their company ops. …

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Thanks for checking out my profile. I have over a decade of full-stack dev experience with languages/frameworks like Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Nextjs and React. I enjoy mentoring/tutoring but I also have experience founding and growing a company. I co-founded a vc-backed startup that has helped SMBs exchange over 80 million …

$240 / month
4 x Calls

I have 5 years of experience as a software engineer. I have taken 150+ onsite interviews at Google in coding, system design and G&L. If you're looking to start your journey in a top product based company, I can help you with the intricacies of the interviewing process. If you're …

$350 / month
4 x Calls

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I have around 12 experience in industry as well as 3 years hiring manager experience and more than 7 years interviewer experience for large companies like JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs … Read More

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Interview Preparation

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Interview Preparation

Offered by Taiwo Oyeniyi

Thanks for checking out my profile. I have over a decade of full-stack dev experience with languages/frameworks like Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Nextjs and React. I enjoy mentoring/tutoring but I also … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $149
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Practice with Goldman Sachs interview questions

Get the inside scoop on current Goldman Sachs interview questions. Prepare for your interview with a few select questions you might face.

What personal skill or characteristic do you think would be most important in this role?

In the context of a role at Goldman Sachs, where professionalism and performance expectations are significantly high, I believe resilience is one of the most essential personal skills. Resilience embodies several important traits such as determination, adaptability, confidence, and the ability to bounce back from challenging situations.

In the fast-paced world of finance, resilience helps individuals adapt to changing situations, be it challenging market conditions, complex client needs, or tight deadlines. It's about staying committed and determined, even when faced with setbacks or failures, and being able to learn from those experiences to improve.

Moreover, resilience also includes the ability to maintain a positive and problem-solving mindset under stress, which is critical in delivering high-quality work and maintaining healthy work relationships.

While technical skills and industry knowledge are integral for roles at Goldman Sachs, resilience is a personal trait that can greatly influence how an individual navigates challenges, perseveres, and ultimately succeeds within the dynamic environment of the firm.

Why did you choose your field of study?

I decided to major in finance in college because I was drawn to its multifaceted nature and the vital role it plays in every aspect of business and society. The decision-making process in finance, which relies on both quantitative analysis and strategic thinking, particularly appealed to me.

In my coursework, I found it fascinating to learn how financial markets interconnect with the global economy and how they affect our everyday lives. Observing real-world corporate finance scenarios like mergers and acquisitions, portfolio management, capital budgeting and the role of financial institutions strengthened my interest and motivated me to delve deeper into the industry.

Moreover, I realized that a solid grounding in finance could provide a versatile skill set that could be leveraged in various business spheres, making it a valuable field of study for a broad range of career options. The combination of these factors led me to choose finance as my field of study, and it continues to be a decision I am confident about.

How would you handle a situation where you need to perform tasks beyond your job role?

Throughout my career, I've always approached new challenges and responsibilities as opportunities to grow, even if they extend beyond my defined job role.

If such a situation arises, the first step would be to ensure that my existing responsibilities aren't neglected or compromised. I would assess the demands of the new tasks, their potential impact on my current workload, and determine if I need to reassess my time management or delegate certain duties.

Then, before diving into these new tasks, I would take the time to understand them fully and gain the necessary skills or knowledge needed. This might involve self-learning, seeking advice from colleagues, or even requesting relevant training, if necessary.

Throughout the process, maintaining open lines of communication with my superiors and team members would be crucial to ensure I'm prioritizing correctly and that the additional responsibilities are moving along smoothly.

In the end, taking on tasks outside of my initial job role not only allows me to contribute more extensively to the team’s goals, but it also broadens my skillset and opens up potential areas for personal career growth.

What is your understanding of our company culture?

Goldman Sachs is known for having a culture of excellence, teamwork, and leadership. The firm is committed to supporting its clients' needs by providing quality services, grounded in integrity and customer satisfaction, which mirrors the firm’s overarching business principles.

A dedication to excellence is embedded within the firm’s culture. Employees are encouraged to strive for the highest standards and continuously innovate. This is reflected in the emphasis on training and development opportunities, fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional growth.

Teamwork is another central tenet of Goldman Sachs' culture. Collaborative efforts are highly valued, with the understanding that diverse perspectives and collective intelligence lead to brighter ideas and more comprehensive solutions.

Leadership, both in the market and in service to the broader community, is also a key aspect of the company's culture. Goldman Sachs prides itself on being a leader in the financial services sector and is also committed to making a positive impact on society, through various community engagement and sustainability efforts.

Overall, Goldman Sachs fosters a culture that values high performance, collaboration, innovation, and social responsibility.

Can you tell us about a financial trend that has caught your interest recently?

One financial trend that has caught my interest recently is the rise in decentralized finance, also known as DeFi. This trend is a radical shift in the way traditional financial services operate, leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to eliminate intermediaries.

DeFi essentially allows for various financial functions, such as loans, insurance, and trading, to be conducted on a blockchain, with smart contracts automating transactions. This removes the need for banks or brokers and offers potential benefits, such as increased financial inclusion, improved transparency, and higher speed of transactions.

However, it also comes with increased risks, particularly around regulatory compliance, consumer protection, and potential for market manipulation. The trend represents a significant disruption to the financial services industry and could potentially reshape our financial systems in the future.

It's a fascinating space to watch — especially as regulators and traditional banks navigate these changes — and it underscores how technological innovation continues to be a significant driving force within the finance industry.

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