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I'm a Senior Product Designer at Klarna currently working on their new shopping experience. I also share UX career advice on Instagram and Youtube. I help designers break into big tech, design their career, and develop themselves. Have any questions? Send an inquiry :)

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Hi there! I'm Borys, a product designer with 5+ years of experience working in the field. I worked with many products of different sizes, most notably the beloved Miro, a whiteboarding tool. Now I'm working as a senior product designer in Klarna, helping to shape a new way of banking …

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Gain confidence in your self-expression using the English language through a mentorship with me! I am a former teacher turned business professional with specific experience helping ESL professionals fine tune their resumes and prepare for interviews, as well as preparing and practising presentations. In addition, I have worked for Meta …

$100 / month
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I have spent the last 5 years as a hiring manager in the tech industry, and therefore many hours interviewing candidates for roles on my teams. In this session, I … Read More

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