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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi there! Iโ€™m Rina, a Product Designer at Meta. Previously, I was a UX designer working on Alexa at Amazon working on consumer domains like communications, device onboarding, fitness, and visual UI systems. Before transitioning into UX, I studied Architecture at Cornell University. I have mentored 40+ people (via โ€ฆ

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Hi, I'm Rick! With over 10 years as a Software Engineer at FAANG companies and startups, I specialize in Backend Distributed Systems and have a broad skill set in various technologies. I've also founded two startups. In the past, I mentored many engineers/non-engineers through work, volunteering, and bootcamps, focusing on โ€ฆ

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I'm a former software engineer with experience at Snapchat and Apple, now focused on guiding you in building an exceptional tech career. I take clients through the entire end-to-end process, which includes Leetcode prep, machine learning/system design fundamentals, cold email strategies to land interviews, and mock interview practice. This program โ€ฆ

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With over 14 years of experience in Data analytics and Digital Marketing, I have designed large scale data applications and analytics solutions in industries such as Retail, Technology, E-Commerce, and Health Care. My extensive background in this space equips me to tackle complex business problems, build innovative solutions, and consistently โ€ฆ

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Veteran software engineering manager and hands-on tech lead with 15+ years of experience. Iโ€™ve played a critical role on key teams at Snap and YouTube/Google. I currently lead teams for Growth Notifications, Activity Center, Countdowns, Communities, and Profiles at Snap with ~40 engineers in my scope of influence with 20 โ€ฆ

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An experienced leader of high performance software engineering teams and also a dedicated, empathetic career and leadership coach. I love coaching people early in their career, and experienced ICs, and both new and experienced managers and directors. If you're curious about my coaching style and how I would approach a โ€ฆ

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Mock UX Interview

Offered by Rina K.

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Mock Technical Interview

Offered by Christopher Li

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Technical/Behavior Mock Interview

Offered by Rick Huang

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  • "Naz is an amazing person and a wonderful mentor. She is supportive and knowledgeable with extensive practical experience. Having been a manager at Netflix, she also knows a ton about working with teams at scale. Highly recommended."

  • "Brandon has been supporting me with a software engineering job hunt and has provided amazing value with his industry knowledge, tips unique to my situation and support as I prepared for my interviews and applications."

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