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Tired of sending in resumes and never hearing back? Or perhaps you'd like to learn how to master the art of interviewing? I can teach you all you need to know about leveling up your resume that will attract the eye of hiring managers and recruiters. And I can also …

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Hi there, I am Paul! I am a well-rounded business executive with 5+ year experience leading product marketing, client solution, monetization strategy and sales teams at TikTok in Japan. I am one of TikTok's earliest founding members, and I have strong track record of building new businesses, leading teams, and …

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I'm Srik Gorthy, a dynamic data scientist with a flair for transforming ideas into AI-driven realities at global leaders like TikTok, Google, and AMD. My journey is fueled by a quest for innovation, from BITS Pilani to Northwestern University, crafting algorithms that empower and inspire. Join me in navigating the …

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I'm a six year Trust & Safety veteran - having created and led incident management/command work at the biggest tech companies in the world.

Additionally, I've conducted over 100 interviews … Read More

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Interview Preparation

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As a hiring manager myself, I have interviewed over 170 candidates across different functions, from monetization strategy, product marketing, to client solutions and sales. I can help you understand what … Read More

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Practice with TikTok interview questions

Get the inside scoop on current TikTok interview questions. Prepare for your interview with a few select questions you might face.

TikTok is a global app – how would you create content that appeals to an international audience?

Appealing to an international audience on TikTok requires a blending of universal human experiences, appreciation of cultural diversity, and an understanding of social trends across different regions.

Firstly, we need to tell stories that are universally relatable - emotions, humor, and shared human experiences cross cultural and language barriers. For example, content about love, friendship, fun challenges, or inspirational messages can resonate widely.

Secondly, understanding cultural nuances is key in international content creation. Celebrating global events or trends, acknowledging diversity and individual cultural experiences can help make content more inclusive and appealing to a global audience.

At the same time, it's also about understanding the global trends that weave through the diverse TikTok communities. What's trending in one country could potentially be adapted to suit another, creating a universal yet locally relevant appeal.

Language accessibility is another key factor. Using popular international music, non-verbal cues, or providing multilingual captions can make content more accessible.

Ultimately, it's a balance of relatable, diverse, and accessible content that can captivate an international audience on TikTok.

How do you interpret data from TikTok analytics and implement it in your strategy?

Interpreting data from TikTok analytics involves understanding the metrics available and aligning them with the campaign's goals. These include number of views, followers, likes, comments, shares, playtime, content virality among others.

For example, if a video has a high number of views but fewer likes or comments, it could indicate that while the content may be attracting attention, it's not engaging enough to prompt active interaction.

Analyzing follower metrics gives insight into the demographic and geographic makeup of the audience, which can guide content strategy to cater more effectively to these user groups.

The trend of video views over time helps to identify peak engagement periods, providing a guide on the best times to post content for maximum visibility.

Understanding which pieces of content perform the best gives clues on what resonates with the audience and should be emulated in future strategies, whereas low-performing content can be reassessed and improved upon.

Overall, TikTok analytics offer valuable insights that can inform content themes, posting schedules, targeting efforts, and engagement strategies. This data-driven approach ensures that the strategy is always attentive to the target audience and optimizing for best performance.

If given the chance, what new feature would you introduce to the TikTok platform and why?

If given the opportunity, I would propose the introduction of an in-depth analytics feature for regular users, not just for TikTok Pro users. By offering all users a thorough understanding of their profile performance, account reach, follower insights, and other pertinent metrics, TikTok can empower its user community in an unprecedented way.

Currently, these in-depth analytics are only available to users who have a "Pro Account", which constrains regular users' ability to gauge their content performance. With access to this data, regular users, who may also produce valuable and engaging content, can cater their content better to their audiences. It would also stimulate more users to take content creation on TikTok seriously, making room for more diverse content on the platform.

Apart from that, more granular insights into which elements in their videos are driving views and engagement - for example, the music used, hashtags, or effects - can guide users to make data-driven content strategies.

In summary, this feature will not only encourage user retention but also help foster a more content-rich environment, enhancing the user experience for all.

What is your work process when creating a new campaign from scratch?

My work process for creating a new campaign from scratch starts with defining the campaign's objectives. It's crucial to know what we are trying to achieve, be it increasing user engagement, boosting brand awareness, or promoting a new product.

Once the objectives are set, I conduct research on our target audience, their preferences, behaviors, and trending content in our niche. This helps shape the campaign's creative direction.

Next, based on the objectives and audience insights, I brainstorm content ideas with the team considering effectiveness, budget, timeline, and resources. The outcome of this process forms a content strategy outlining what type of content we're creating, the platforms we'll publish it on, and when we'll publish it.

Before launching the campaign, I find it essential to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the campaign's success relative to the objectives.

Post-launch, I closely monitor the performance, gather data, and analyze the campaign results. This not only helps evaluate the effectiveness of the current campaign but also provides valuable insights for future campaigns.

In all this, it's essential to keep open channels of communication with the team to ensure everyone is aligned, updated, and open to providing and receiving feedback.

Can you give examples of TikTok trends that you could leverage for future strategies?

Yes, TikTok trends are great opportunities to promote engagement, so incorporating them into a strategy can be quite effective.

One such trend is the use of popular sound bites, which can significantly boost the visibility of a video. Creating our unique spin on a trending sound can make our content both relevant and entertaining.

Next, the "Duets" feature on TikTok has seen significant popularity. We could leverage this by hosting duet challenges or collaborating with influencers and encouraging them to duet with our video. This could significantly amplify our reach.

Additionally, hashtag challenges continue to be a major trend. Whether it's creating our own branded hashtag challenge or participating in popular ones, they offer a great way to encourage user-generated content and engagement.

Lastly, leveraging trending themes or topics is another way to stay relevant. For instance, videos showcasing life hacks, a day in the life, or transformation videos are popular themes that we could adapt to our brand.

It's always important to note that trends should be adapted in a way that aligns with the brand's identity and resonates with our audience.

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