Top Public Relations Courses to consider in 2024

Courses are a great way to deepen your understanding of a Public Relations. They are designed to be comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics. Here are the top 8 Public Relations courses to consider in 2024.

List of Public Relations Courses

Public Relations courses are plentiful and varied. Here are the top 8 Public Relations courses to consider in 2024.

Public Relations Foundations

Public relations (PR) is critical to any business that wants to create media exposure, sway consumer opinion, and maintain a good reputation. However, as technology evolves, communicating with the public has only gotten more complex. Modern PR demands an integrated, multichannel approach. In this course, PR expert Deirdre Breakenridge offers an effective eight-step workflow for today's PR practitioner. Learn how to research your audience, build a PR plan, develop your messaging, and use the right media mix. Next, see how to manage relationships with everyone from reporters to influence…

Public Relations Mistakes to Avoid

Every business needs public relations. Leveraging the media is essential for success. But while this relationship can be mutually beneficial, a single misstep can cause a costly mistake. In this course, public relations professional Andrea Holland shows you how to avoid some of the most common public relations blunders and stay in good graces with media outlets to maintain the public’s trust.
Explore typical mistakes when talking to reporters and how to write a pitch to grab the media’s attention. Find out what to say instead of "no comment" to avoid looking foolish and unprof…

Professional PR certificate

The Professional PR Certificate will give you a detailed introduction to PR and enable you to develop the knowledge and skills to progress in a career in PR.
The syllabus is taught and assessed at the same level as a Foundation degree.

PRSA Certificate Programs

The rate at which professional skills become obsolete is increasing. Today, the half-life of a learned skill is estimated to be five years and even shorter for technical skills, according to the World Economic Forum.
All of us, from Gen Zers to Boomers, are dealing with work environments that are transforming at a faster pace than ever before.
In this rapidly evolving marketplace, it's essential to stay competitive by proactively keeping your capabilities fresh and up to date.
So we wanted to share this handy list of PRSA's available Certificate of Completion programs, d…


Drexel University’s online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations (PR) focuses on the basic building blocks PR professionals need. Courses cover the foundations of public relations, PR writing, PR planning, and strategic social media communication. Whether you’re new to the public relations field, are trying to expand your knowledge of PR, or find yourself needing additional PR training in your current position, this certificate will help you build a strong public relations foundation.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations

In the full-time Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations, you’ll sharpen your understanding of public relations fundamentals and strategy, marketing principles, digital storytelling, and many more vital areas so you can effectively connect with your audience. This program will allow you to:
Plan, initiate and complete a communications plan
Develop strategic thinking and a digitally-focused approach to succeed in today’s marketplace
Create content across different channels (print, video, digital, visual, etc.) to engage targeted audiences
Handle and respond to incidents, i…

Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications

Public Relations during a time of crisis. Imagine that a crisis hits your organization and that you come out on top in the media. You initiate proactively to the media. You have a clear and easy-to-understand the message. And you get the exact quotes you want in the final stories.
You didn't pick or plan the Public Relations crisis, but you are ready to communicate effectively.
Your reputation doesn't just remain intact; your reputation has improved!
You will learn how to prepare and deliver messages to the media in a time of a Public Relations crisis. How to plan for pres…

The Ultimate Public Relations Masterclass

This course will equip you with everything you need to become an expert public relations professional. It’s packed full of case studies, statistics, checklists, templates and practical activities that bring the theory to life.
The first section of the course introduces PR and shows you why it is valuable to any business and how it has changed over the last 10 years – there have been some exciting developments that have made PR more interesting and relevant than ever before.

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