Itay Forer
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Entrepreneur, Founder & Mentor @ Previously - Cleanly (Merged)

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I'm a founder, serial entrepreneur, board member, and investor who built a business from day 1 with an initial team of 3 to managing a 300 person workforce.
I went through Ycombinator (batch of W15) and raised $20M+ from VCs and angel investors. I love to help, even with just advice. I helped and mentored 100+ individuals and startups to this day.

My areas of expertise are:
- Bootstrapping
- Growth/marketing
- Fundraising
- Leadership
- Business Strategy
- Product-market fit
- Venting frustration

What students say

"It was a great experience working with you. You are a great mentor."
Apoorva, January 2022
5 stars
"Itay is a great mentor - looking forward to working with him again!"
Chen, January 2022
5 stars
"Fantastic! Itay takes the time to understand the stage the start-up is at. He provides useful extra resources and very detailed insights into strategic thinking. Great experience to learn from him!"
Maddalena, February 2021
5 stars
"Itay provides a fresh approach to solving MVP. Appreciate his time and the useful insights he provides."
Maddalena, April 2021
5 stars
"Great learning experience. "
Maddalena, April 2021
5 stars
"Itay was great! Took the time to listen and understand my situation and provided valuable suggestions."
[email protected], June 2021
5 stars


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