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Senior Member of Technical Staff @ Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Sumit Kapoor is currently working as a Member of Technical Staff(IC-2) at Oracle Cloud where his day-to-day responsibilities are to work as a full-stack developer in oracle cloud. He has over 4 plus years of experience where he has worked on building products from scratch and has seen them scale from 1 user to a million users.
He is really passionate about teaching and loves mentoring individuals, With the experience of mentoring more than a dozen students and seeing them working at good places gives him immense joy. Apart from coding he loves reading fiction and traveling and clicking pictures.
You can connect with him-:
if you are looking to become a full-stack/front-end/back-end developer in less time frame with the right course structure He will be able to help you out in becoming one.

Currently helping mentees in react and nodejs express framework and helping them get better in building full-stack applications in 3-4 months time frame. Connect if you are someone who wants to learn react and nodejs in 3-4 months time frame.

What students say

"Sumit is very skilled, reachable and quick to respond. I had a great time with him working on my project and learning on the way. "
Neha, May 2021
5 stars
"Sumit is great to work with, responsive, skilled and listens to understand the goal. I am glad to work with him and complete my project. "
Neha, May 2021
5 stars
"Sumit is an excellent trainer and his level of knowledge is above par. I had started learning Javascript and React under his guidance and he continued giving as much attention and revision as required. He also expanded upon the topics and coding questions that can come in handy in interviews. Unfortunately, I'm unable to continue the mentorship due to some health troubles and had to leave React learning path in the middle, but I would love to connect with Sumit and start learning from him once things are settled. All the best and keep up the great work Sumit (y)(y)"
Mayank, January 2022
5 stars
"Sumit is really helpful in understanding tech stack and he has good knowledge on technology."
Devanshu, November 2021
5 stars
"Sumit has been very helpful and diligent "
Nabyl, September 2021
5 stars
"patient, kind and knowledgeable! "
Chen, January 2022
5 stars
"Sumit helped come up with a roadmap of what I should do to get to my goal and helped me every step of the way. I really can't thank him enough for all the help and support he's given me. "
Nesh, February 2022
5 stars
"It was good, but I was busy with other things."
Abdul, May 2021
5 stars
"Sumit is an excellent mentor, I have learned a lot under his guidance and can say for certain that my coding proficiency has improved tremendously over the 6 months we have worked together. "
Christopher, November 2021
5 stars
"I had a great time learning under the guidance of Sumit, he explains the concepts thoroughly, do not rush and readily available when you need any sort of a help or clarification. He quickly toggles his training method if you need to grasp something that is a bit complicated to understand in technical details, and explains it in a more layman terms. All the best and keep rocking Sumit!"
Mayank, January 2022
5 stars
"Sumit was fantastic. He communicated well, was thorough on all calls, and even downloaded my codebase to help me more in-depth. Something that was outside of the mentorship agreement. Sumit knows his stuff!"
Luke, February 2022
5 stars
"He is good"
Niharika, March 2021
5 stars
"Sumit tried to help me as best as he could. I will contact him soon again. "
Imtiaz, November 2021
5 stars


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