Daniel Idzkowski

Co-Founder/Managing Partner/Mentor @ Lvlup Ventures/SKUNKLOCK Inc/Sidepocket Financial/American Pillar Partners/500 Global/Founder Institute
5-Time Founder, Venture Capitalist, 300M+ Capital Raised, Mentor at Founder Institute/500 Global/Alchemist
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From Job to Founder: accelerator-inspired mentorship akin to YC, 500, Founder Institute, Alchemist.

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I spend a lot of time thinking about what the world will look like in 10 years and what role I can play in creating that future and how I can help others do the same. My background is deep-tech and quantitative finance, but I've built a career as a pragmatic entrepreneur and investor with a knack for exposing lies perpetuated in monopolistic industries and building companies to right the wrongs. I spend most of my vocational time founding, funding, and advising mission-driven companies that are tackling big existential problems.

My first successful entrepreneurial endeavor was exposing the harsh truth that power tools can cut through any lock in just seconds: a reality purposefully concealed. I co-invented the SKUNKLOCK, the only bike lock that fights back with noxious chemicals to tackle this 10B+ global theft epidemic and pull the lid off a corrupted industry. SKUNKLOCK has since saved countless bikes and sparked the birth of the 1B+ deterrent lock industry.

More recently, my concern is the rapidly increasing wealth disparity and impending retirement crisis in America. There’s an estimated 7.1 trillion dollar deficit in retirement funds, social security is estimated to run out as early as 2034, and 40% of Americans are forced back into work every year. In 2022, outdated investing strategies (60/40 and MPT-driven robo-portfolios) experienced their worst performance in 100 years. The problem? Thousands of financial planners and educators, trusted by millions of investors, are not equipped with the tools, strategies, and compliance support they need to help their clients weather volatile markets and achieve financial freedom. This problem inspired Sidepocket, the only deep-tech investing platform-as-a-service solution empowering thousands of financial educators and planners with tactical strategies designed to weather down markets and achieve financial freedom more simply, safer, and sooner.

My work ethic and ethos are heavily influenced by my immigrant parents, who escaped communist Poland to find a better life. Entrepreneurs, especially immigrant entrepreneurs, are instrumental in creating a positive impact. I also enjoy empowering aspiring entrepreneurs by lecturing/mentoring at the Founder Institute, 500 Global, and the Alchemist Accelerator and helping deserving founders raise capital through American Pillar Partners and LvlUp Ventures (my seed stage venture fund).

I live by a few simple mantras: only criticize what you're willing to fix yourself; don't follow your passion, bring it with you; do things just because they're hard, there's less competition; and if you encounter analysis paralysis, get more data.

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