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Darren Murph

Head of Technology Strategy Communications @ Ford
16+ years of experience crafting narratives and scaling the world's first all-remote startup to IPO
United States of America 5.0 (6 reviews) Active this month Usually responds in a few hours
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Hi! I'm Darren, and you're awesome. I lead technology strategy communications at Ford.

Prior to Ford, I led workplace strategy and operations at GitLab, the world's largest all-remote company to go from startup to IPO. I hold a Guinness World Record in writing and communications.

I was featured in Forbes' Future of Work 50 and cited as an "oracle of remote work" by CNBC. I'm passionate about connecting with new people and leveling-up their competence and confidence, sharing what I've learned in 16+ years leading global teams across marketing, communication, culture, branding, strategy, and operations.

As an adoptive dad, I advocate for others to be able to work from anywhere and savor moments with family. A portion of all mentor revenue will support adoption.

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
4 months

Darren was a great and very attentive mentor. He gave me many actionable advice and exercises that helped me become a more confident and better-spoken professional in just a few months. Darren also helped me a lot in understanding how to break down large concepts into smaller chunks. He's very quick to respond and always provides feedback.



5 out of 5 stars

It was very helpful, Darren and I had an agenda prepared since we wanted to make sure we make the most out of our session and we covered everything. I feel confident and clear of what I need to do these next few months and would be happy to check in again with Darren later on.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

Darren is a phenomenal mentor who has made me realize time and time again that while goals are great to have and wonderful tools to measure progress, the proof is in the process. Since my mentorship with Darren commenced, I've gradually and somewhat subconsciously began to look forward to the journey just as much- if not more- than the esteemed *destination.* Because I'm confident in the steps I'm taking, I find myself obsessing less about the end result and basking more in the here and now [*which is not to say that I don't have my "eye on the prize," but rather that new prizes have been introduced along the way]. In the span of a few short months, I've gained a level of confidence and self assurance that has allowed me to take risks and bet on myself. Case in point: last month, I made the decision to co-found a company because I believed so deeply in it's mission and my co-founders and realized that in this particular season of my life, I can afford to prioritize gaining the type of education that only being a founder can provide, and deprioritize consistency and financial predictability. While my priorities can and likely will change over the course of my career, the process through which I will make those major career (and life!) decisions will - at it's core - be roughly the same. I feel more empowered than ever to take on new challenges and embrace uncertainty and I can't recommend working with Darren enough!

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