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Ferran Buireu

Frontend Engineer Team Lead @ Leadtech Innovation
Spain Active this month


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👋 Hi there, I’m a software engineer developer with over 5 years of experience.

I can help you write cleaner code, focus on design patterns, and follow best practices to get quality results fast. I particularly enjoy discussing:

- JavaScript
- React
- GraphQL
- Gatsby
- Twig
- Dart
- Flutter
- Redux
- WordPress

I’ve been praised for going the extra mile and take pride in delivering neat code that is optimized for maximum readability and scalability.

I live for the expression of someone who's been struggling with an issue for hours until the solution finally clicks.

I'm a big fan of open source and teamwork. That's why I work on open platforms like [Netlify][1] for my side projects and I offer discounted fees for students who are just starting out.

My passions, besides programming, are playing the guitar, playing football and training for my next marathon.


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