Hamidreza Omidvar  Top Mentor

PhD-Lead Machine Learning Engineer @ Sylvera

5.0 stars
5.0 (14 reviews)

I am Machine Learning product lead in a tech startup in London with 3+ years of experience in computer vision and deep learning. I have a Ph.D. from Princeton University (USA) with multiple years of teaching experience at graduate and undergraduate levels.

I can offer mentorship in a variety of AI/ML topics including computer vision, deep learning, neural networks, general data science topics, and python programming (all levels).

What students say

"Hamid is great at explaining advanced concepts and has great suggestions of notebooks to work on"
Sulian, September 2021
5 stars
"I hired Hamid for help with tailoring my CV for the ML/AI market. He methodologically and systematically went over it. Offered alternative phrasings, corrected errors, recommended removals, substitutions, and wholly new additions to the text. I was very very pleased with the insights and guidance he offered and I am truly grateful for that. "
Al-Hussein, July 2021
5 stars
"Hamid is great!. He helped me resolve all my doubts also helped me with external resources which I can go through to improve my skillset. I was in dilemma for quite some time after interacting with Hamid all the doubts are cleared. Thanks a lot to him"
Yash, September 2021
5 stars
"He's been very helpful in learning new things."
Aishwarya, April 2021
5 stars
"Hamid combines his deep knowledge of machine learning/data science with a great enthusiasm and ability to help you understand concepts to solve real world problems - 100% recommended!"
Ali, July 2021
5 stars
"I just had a two-month mentorship with Hamid, with the goal of preparing for a career change. In every discussion, Hamid always listens carefully and provides relevant and practical suggestions. He also responds to messages promptly, and is a pleasure to talk to. I decided to take a break only because of my own time constraints, but am keen to resume this some time in the future."
Pokman, October 2021
5 stars
"He was very friendly and informative."
Sasa, March 2021
5 stars
"Hamid is highly supportive and knowledgeable. He always answers me immediately and provides practical solutions and professional recommendation. I made a big progress in a short time."
Sam, May 2021
5 stars
"Very helpful, looking forward to future sessions."
Stefan, September 2021
5 stars
"Very good mentor, identified key things to learn and put together projects to target them accordingly. Would recommend for general DS, computer vision, DL and NN concepts."
Morgan, March 2021
5 stars
"Excellent. Kind, patient, thoughtful and useful feedback for an introductory session"
Nicola, September 2021
5 stars
"it was fine, I got my answers and it was helpful to ease my mind."
Laleh, September 2021
5 stars
"great mentor takes the time to explain advanced concepts and very patient"
Sulian, September 2021
5 stars


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