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Victor Barros

Victor Barros

Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor @ Gringo, Eskolare

Victor Barros is a professional in Django and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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I help individuals grow into their chosen career path, providing personalized goals and support on both technical (of all sorts) and soft skills (such as productivity, time and people management). My main goal is to grow technical leaders and teams into efficient, well-organized yet agile groups of people that value …

$199 / month
Regular Calls

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Hi! I'm Addy, I'm a software engineer @Booking.com and an interview engineer @Karat. I'm an ex software engineer @Amazon and @Microsoft. I have conducted 800+ interviews for different companies, and I have been interviewed by 500+ companies in the last 10 years. I have passed the technical interviews as a …

$140 / month
2 x Calls

Davide is a Software Engineer at Microsoft with experience in both startup and corporate environments. His experience as a Product manager helped him to build a solid leadership that allowed him to mentor, grow and guide the international team towards their goals. Here at Mentorcruise, he helps both students and …

$90 / month
2 x Calls

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Over 13 years in the software development industry, now I want to use my knowledge to help other engineers. I primarily focus in Node.js / Typescript (Including React, Next.js, Express, as well as Svelte / Sveltekit and Koa) or Python (Including Django and Flask), but am familiar with several other …

$220 / month
2 x Calls

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Programming languages stack: RISC Assembly Language, C, ASP, VB/VBA, PHP, HTML/CSS, VueJS/NuxtJS, Python/Django Probably, i have the best knowledge about Django.contrib.admin in Django community. I live in Austria in Tirol. I am also Alpine Ski and x-cross-country Instructor.

$350 / month
10 x Calls

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Hi, I am Andreas, a software engineer living in Vienna, Austria. I started my career at the of the nineties of the last century and I have been working in the tech industry for more than two decades. I speak English and German fluently so you can choose the language …

$60 / month
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Hi there! My name is Andrea, and I was born in Rome, Italy. After completing my studies in London as a Software Engineer, I moved to Tokyo 10 years ago. I am passionate about programming and enjoy writing code for work and as a hobby. I also have a passion …

$240 / month
2 x Calls

Let's get one thing out of the way, we are gonna have fun! How can I help? - You're about to transition into Tech? Switching career paths can be daunting, I can help, :) - You're a beginner software engineer/data scientist and need help navigating the space, maybe you need …

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