James Booth
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Principal Software Architect @ FloQast

5.0 stars
5.0 (12 reviews)

I’m a seasoned software architect and full stack engineer with 20+ years of experience developing innovative solutions in both corporate and startup environments. I’ve personally architected, deployed and maintained production services (mostly NodeJS) utilizing much of AWS, built out the CI/CD infrastructure and scaled out the team to build on it. I have a thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle, and throughout my career, I’ve been a part of, worked closely with, or managed teams on the front-end, backend, QA, Ops and Security. A believer in a DevOps culture, I’m always looking for ways to help teams work more efficiently.

I can help you achieve your goals by guiding you in many aspects of software architecture and beyond including:

- Software Architecture Design and UML
- Coding Standards and Practices
- NodeJS, Javascript
- System Performance, Scalability, Reliability
- Security and Compliance
- Unit and Integration Testing Best Practices
- Defining Requirements and Roadmapping
- Serverless
- Productivity and Career Advice
- Team Management Advice (local/remote/hybrid)
- Resume Review

What students say

"I cannot reiterate this enough - James is a phenomenal mentor. Extremely knowledgable, patient, and willing to go the extra mile for his mentees. As I progress through my software engineering immersive he has been an invaluable asset and has even accommodated my schedule change to have our sessions an hour earlier in the morning (We are also in different time zones). He is exceptionally organized, exceedingly well versed in many industry topics, and can seamlessly switch gears to explain whatever topic you may inquire about in detail. The aforementioned compounded with his punctuality and responsiveness; if your desire is to exponentially elevate your engineering career and pursue deep technical understanding - James is absolutely the mentor for you. "
Jonah, September 2021
5 stars
"James was an awesome mentor and really helped me with getting job ready. He goes in depth with the details that are often overlooked. After working with James, I was able to land my first role! I highly recommend James to anyone that is starting off or looking to progress in their career."
Kion, August 2021
5 stars
"My mentorship with James went very well. He is very knowledgeable and willing to help with anything i needed and was a vital part in me reaching my goals. "
Moses, February 2022
5 stars
"James is a great mentor! He’s very helpful and knowledgeable."
Sheldon, October 2021
5 stars
"James is a very knowledgeable, motivating and kind mentor. He provided structure to my programming learning which enabled me to increase my efficiency. Highly recommended."
Nick, July 2021
5 stars
"Great session. Provided valuable insight and gave me confidence to make upcoming decisions for my career."
Michael, October 2021
5 stars
"It was great experience having James as my mentor"
Yazid, March 2022
5 stars
"James has given me super helpful direction in getting started on this project!"
Chris, September 2021
5 stars
"James was a great mentor, answer every question that I had, also provide some structure to my learning project, he gave me feedback and guidance."
Luis, November 2021
5 stars
"Very communicative and always there for support"
Tom, January 2022
5 stars
"James is very helpful, he provides the direction and information promptly. "
Linli, August 2021
5 stars

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