Mladen Ruzicic

Senior Frontend Developer @ ZF, Ex-Shopify
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πŸ‘‹ Hello, my name is Mladen.

I am a software engineer based in Switzerland, with more than ten years of experience in software engineering. I have a passion for finding user-friendly solutions to complex problems and have done it for products in different industries. As a result, I have broad experience in various technologies and can learn and switch on demand.

Here's what you can expect from me
- Listen and understand your learning goals
- Design a development plan based on your learning goals
- Help you understand complex concepts
- Provide coding exercises
- Give quality code review feedback
- Help you when you are stuck
- Help you prepare for a coding interview

Here is what I can help you with:
- Server-side development (NodeJS, Express)
- Front-end development (React, Next.js)
- Mobile app development (React Native)
- Testing (unit, integration, E2E)
- Implementing Clean Code (Single responsibility)
- Design Patterns
- Productivity and Career Advice

If you are motivated and curious about software development, I would happily help!

If you need some questions answered immediately but don't want to do a full mentorship, please see my "Ask me anything" session.

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I have had some sessions with Malden and he haΘ™ been super helpful. We have been pair programming and he has helped me to choose the best library for the project that I am working on and to start it in a clean and scalable way. We have make huge advancements in just a few hours of work, and he has helped me tackle big challenges. He has also guided me in making good decisions in other parts of my project. He is super friendly and is a great teacher, you will not regret working with him.



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
12 months

I had the privilege of being mentored by Mladen, and he is an exemplary professional developer with a wealth of experience. Mladen consistently provides invaluable feedback and guidance, going above and beyond to address every point I raise. What sets Mladen apart is his innate talent for helping individuals become better developers, regardless of their current skill level. He possesses the expertise and knowledge to guide you toward continuous growth and improvement. Furthermore, Mladen's entrepreneurial understanding is impressive. His extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in the field make him an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. Mladen shines as a person and mentor. He consistently demonstrates punctuality, ensuring our mentoring sessions are efficient and effective. His kind and friendly nature created a comfortable environment for open communication and collaboration. Mladen genuinely cares about the success and well-being of his mentees, fostering supportive professional guidance. To sum it up, Mladen is a remarkable mentor, professional developer, and entrepreneur. His experience, knowledge, and mentoring skills make him an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to improve their development capabilities. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to excel in the world of development or entrepreneurship.

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5 out of 5 stars

My mentor has been an excellent guide in my software development journey. He is friendly and always pushes me to learn more. His wealth of experience and knowledge in javascript has made my learning experience exponential in just a few months. I am grateful to have him as my mentor and highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their skills. He has been a great asset to my growth and development. I am still working with him, and my skills have improved thanks to his guidance. Overall, it has been a great experience working with him.



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
6 months

Mladen has been an exceptional mentor throughout my learning journey. His guidance on React Native has been incredibly helpful in structuring my knowledge and understanding. He showed me a clear path to create a mobile applications and provided practical solutions to specific issues I encountered. With his support, I successfully built an app which I have already succeed to publish on both the App Store and Google Play. Mladen's mentorship has been invaluable, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to excel in React Native.

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