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Chief Product Officer at Impala Travel
Regular Calls
There's much practical advice I've received from my mentors over the years, so I'd like to pay it forward. In my years at, Optimizely, ROMEO (a small GBT dating startup) and Oracle Hospitality I've been through tough product choices, practiced how to have "Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" and generate …
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Software Engineer II at
Ex Senior SWE @ Grab | Author @ Educative | Technical blogger @ Medium | Passionate about backend engineering
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I am a Software Engineer II at, one of the largest travel companies in the world. Before joining here, I was working as a Senior Software Engineer at Grab, the largest delivery, mobility, financial and enterprise services company in South-East Asia. In my career so far, I have always …

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I have cracked interviews of Microsoft,, Amazon, Meta, and Grab in the past. I have also actively taken coding and system design interviews while working at Grab and … Read More

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