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As a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, I am passionate about developer and infrastructure tools, distributed systems, systems- and network-programming. My expertise primarily revolves around Go, Kubernetes, serverless architectures and the Cloud Native domain in general. I am currently learning more about Rust and AI. Beyond my primary expertise, I've …

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Hi, my name is Daniel Meppiel! With 12+ years of experience, I am an expert in B2B SaaS, Software Architecture & Delivery as well as Technical Sales and Customer Service for Fortune 500 companies. I co-founded a startup that's generating $2M+ ARR and I work today at GitHub as a …

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I'm a senior full stack developer and have been working in the industry for more than 8 years I can help you: - Write production ready code: writing unit and integration tests, linting, building CI/CD pipelines for your projects, logging, monitoring. - Build re-usable components on the front-end using frameworks …

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Interview questions aren't always fair. The best thing you can do is prepare for them. Get the inside scoop on current interview questions from current GitHub employees.
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Practice makes perfect. Get a real life mock interview with a GitHub expert and get the job.
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GitHub experts are available at affordable rates. Get the help you need to get the job without breaking the bank.
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Get continued career coaching services from a GitHub employee. Get help as you enter your new job and beyond.

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