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I'm a Senior Product Manager at Lyft, with 4 YOE of experience managing ML/AI products, data, search features, and web applications. I've worked in the consulting, startup, and large tech space, and am a career transitioner with no technical background in coding or data. I am living proof of someone …

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I'm Charlotte, a tech enthusiast with a deep passion for generative AI and autonomous vehicles. I'm here to help you thrive in your product management career, especially if you're keen on diving into the world of AI. - Seasoned PM and data scientist: My career took off in data science …

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I lead TPMs and PGMs in Consumer and Platform organizations at Coinbase. Previously, I led TPMs at Plaid and in Rideshare organization at Lyft. My first exposure to TPM was Amazon where I learned the differences between PMT, PM, TPMs and EMs. Early in my career, I was engineer and …

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I'm a product manager with over 12 years of experience in both consumer product, growth, and tools development in industries including media and marketplaces. My work emphasizes on finding simple solutions to complex problems that really connect with users and move businesses forward. I've made significant business impacts including monetizing …

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Prepare for your interview at Lyft

Interview Preparation

Offered by Charlotte Tao

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Interview Mock

Offered by Kristen Shi

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Practice makes perfect. Get a real life mock interview with a Lyft expert and get the job.
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Lyft experts are available at affordable rates. Get the help you need to get the job without breaking the bank.
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  • "Naz is an amazing person and a wonderful mentor. She is supportive and knowledgeable with extensive practical experience. Having been a manager at Netflix, she also knows a ton about working with teams at scale. Highly recommended."

  • "Brandon has been supporting me with a software engineering job hunt and has provided amazing value with his industry knowledge, tips unique to my situation and support as I prepared for my interviews and applications."

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