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10+ year industry veteran with experience in working with major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and open source contributions to Terraform and Ansible. If you are looking for practical real world experience then you have found the right mentor!

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I have been a mentor for more than 2 years on MentorCruise and other online platforms. I find myself loving to help people with their first steps in the "ML journey". With more than 6 years experience working in AI and Machine Learning, I have worked in Singapore and worked …

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👋 Hello! My name is Luca and I am a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub Actions. 🪪 I am passionate about distributed systems, developer and infrastructure tools, and systems programming. I enjoy working in the Cloud Native space with technologies like Go, Rust, Azure, Kubernetes and I share my knowledge …

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Govind has been working in data science consulting industry for 8+ years and has solved industry problems through building scalable machine learning solutions across multiple domains :- Insurance, banking, telecom and healthcare. He has helped mentees landing their first data science jobs or transition into new roles.

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