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Richard Steinmetz


Full Stack Engineer - Devex

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Hi, I am a Full Stack Engineer with 💚 for Data & Serverless

I think that making things work is one of the greatest things to do on Earth!

I am the creator and blogger at https://fullstackcoach.webflow.io, where you will find great content about building web applications and getting started as a full stack developer.

I coach developers to find a job and optionally help them relocating (especially to Spain 🇪🇸 or Germany 🇩🇪) with less hassle.

Currently, I am mixing up the Ruby (on Rails) community to hack away most effectively at my new job as a full stack engineer at an awesome social enterprise.

There is also a sales-ready prototype at https://numify.co for one of my ingenious ideas that I've built up from scratch with the serverless-stack.com (AWS, Seed CI/CD, Node, React)

If you'd like to know more about my tech career, I even have a "profile":

... and an old blog with, sometimes overly creative, tech writing ... richstone.github.io ...

If you'd like to know more about my pre-tech career, you'd have to buy me a beetroot juice somewhere in Barcelona 🍹

It's a weird combination but I am an emoji heavy user and father. It's probably an average of 1 emoji per 50 words, which is way too much for a 30-year-old person. It's also 1 kid which feels like 3.15 (in terms of effort AND joy)

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