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Maciej Filipczak

Senior Network and Security Engineer @ UMB AG
Switzerland Active last month Usually responds in half a day


$180 / month

Firewalls 1:1. Best for juniors and mid-seniors: FortiGate SRX Palo Alto Check Point

4 calls per month (30min/call)

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Hi there!
Would you like to quickly become a security professional? Are you afraid of the amount of knowledge associated with it? Or would you like to improve your firewall skills and need some guide to make a step up?

I can help you. I am friendly, dependable and commercially aware person person with 16 years of experience in IT networking and security. I have spent a lot of time educating myself, researching what really matters to be successful as an IT engineer, especially in the networking and security area.

I focus only on most effective ways, best approach, certifications, labs so you can be a real engineer, not a paper one. No marketing, only popular, real-life examples.

Lastly, reach out if you need a second pair of eyes to review a technical issue, design, improvements, migration scenarios, read map or seek for knowledge about alternative solutions.

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