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Kyle Butler

Full Stack Developer - E-Corp

Kyle Butler is a professional in JavaScript and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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$120 / month
CTO at Entria
2 x Calls
I'm the creator of React Brasil (, join us on slack to discuss bleeding-edge tech, I will be happy to help you. We have more than 10k developers there. I'm the CTO of Entria, Feedback House, Log.iD, and Brand Lovers. Living on the bleeding edge (React Native, Relay, GraphQL, Koa) …
serial entrepreneur, angel investor, advisor, mentor
Eugene is a faith-centric technologist, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, advisor and mentor. He is founder and CEO of REACTIVE LIONS INC. where he is implementing his vision of faith-driven entrepreneurship in the tech world. He is currently running a team of over 40 talented engineers across the US. Eugene …
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$160 / month
Senior Web Developer at The Taunton Press
Technical leadership, full stack dev, web performance optimization.
2 x Calls
I'm a full stack developer and web performance professional with a Master's of Education. During my time as a team lead, I mentored my staff to level up their careers and skills. Now I want to provide that same service to others outside of my employer. In my career that …
Only 5 Spots Left
$260 / month
Senior Principal Architect at Secureworks
Coding, Design and Web Development, Software Architecture and Web3
2 x Calls
β©€ ⴰ⡎⡒ⴰ Who are you? β©₯ ~𐦊𐦊𐦊𐦊𐦊𐦊𐦊~ Software Engineer and architect with web3 experience, open source software and decentralized stacks. Having a widespread background of cross domains hands on technical experience and skills sets. Web application development, performance analysis and optimisations, system design and architecture, with a strong handle of …
$199 / month
Software Engineer at Salesforce
SWE @ Salesforce | UT Austin CS Alum | Helping people break into tech
Regular Calls
Graduated with a BS in CS from UT Austin, a top 10 CS school ranked nationally. During my undergrad, I did several software engineering internships and received return offers from all of them. I also worked at a series A startup at the time and was the 11th engineering hire, …
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$350 / month
Engineering Mentor at Formation
5.0 stars
5.0 (2 reviews)
4 x Calls
I'm a Silicon Valley-based engineer and have been interviewing, mock interviewing, and running training sessions my entire career. 1,000+ hours of them in fact. I love this. I hope it shows in my work.
$240 / month
Senior Software Engineer at Financial Services
10+ Years as a Full-Stack Developer building Trading Systems for Investment Banks using React, C#
5 x Calls
I am an experienced Full-Stack Web Developer along with an expertise in C#. I have a Masters in Computer Science Master from Manchester University and I started working with investment banks writing cutting edge trading systems. I have been a tech lead at various Financial organisations and I love mentoring …
Growth Marketer at Freelancer
I am a proactive and future-thinking Growth Marketert with over three years of experience in marketing and data. I am eager to learn new skills, and with my detail-oriented mindset, I am passionate about making processes more efficient. I am seeking to combine my love for experimentation, my digital marketing …
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