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Sourav P.

Senior Software Engineer @ IBM
Senior Software Developer, Interviewer, Mentor
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Hi!!! 👋

Sourav is a Senior Software Engineer. He is working in IBM Research Lab. He is a full-stack developer specializing in building high-scalability, high-resilience distributed systems.

Sourav will help you with to prepare coding interviews, System Design for FAANG and other top product companies and Coding Bootcamps all sorts of backgrounds.

He is also offer holders from FANNG link Amazon, Coinbase, Atlassian ,Intuit, Visa, Apple, and many reputed start-ups. He has a strong track record of helping plethora of mentees land FAANG jobs, mostly in big tech.

Have been passionately solving Leetcode, HackerRank, Codechef, Codeforces, Codesignal problems, and enthusiastically solving problems with the analysis of space...

♛ Career Domain -
▪️ Data structures & algorithms.
▪️ Large-scale distributed systems(HLD/LLD).
▪️ E2E Backend system architecture(API Gateways/LB/Cache/DB/Messaging Queues/Microservices).
▪️ REST APIs/Data Streams/Batch Jobs/Event-driven systems.
▪️ Java/Rx/SpringBoot/Hibernate/MySQL/Cassandra/Docker/Kubernetes/CICD/Git/Cloud.
▪️ Software engineering mentorship to the freshers/experienced professionals.

♛ Key Responsibilities -
▪️ Building scalable quality software solutions by designing, writing code, and unit tests through consistent development practices with a focus on continuous integration/continuous deployment, continuous monitoring, and automated testing(TTD/BDD).
▪️ Debugging software components, identifying code defects, and remediating the buggy flow.
▪️ Participating in code reviews and collaborating on best practices with colleagues.
▪️ Enabling the deployment, support, and monitoring of software across test, integration, and production environments.
▪️ Identifying opportunities for adopting new technologies.
▪️ Demonstrating increased self-reliance to achieve team goals. Influencing team members with creative changes and improvements by challenging the status quo and demonstrating risk-taking.
▪️ Effectively interpreting technical & business objectives, functional/non-functional requirements, involved challenges, and articulating solutions.
▪️ Collaborating with a team of Engineers, Scrum Master, and Product Owner to effectively achieve objectives by clearly communicating ideas and concepts.
▪️ Mentoring and guiding junior team members to success within the team.
▪️ Interviewing college grads/senior engineers as part of global hiring events across the org.

Feel free to reach out for anything related to,

▪️ Software Design/Development/Prototyping/Pair coding.
▪️ Web Technologies/API design/Code reviews.
▪️ Career development/Consulting/Training/Mentorship/Interviews in technology/DSA/System Design.
▪️ Business Idea and its transformation into technology.
▪️ Become a leader and improve leadership skills
▪️ Break into tech
▪️ Connect with FAANG recruiters
▪️ Navigate a career change into Frontend and Backend engineering role
▪️ Prepare for interviews, whiteboard challenges, app critiques, etc.
▪️ Develop in your current role and build a personal development plan
▪️ Create a roadmap to grow in personal/professional aspects
▪️ With mock interviews for software engineering roles
▪️ Understand Data structures and algorithms
▪️ Understand System design concepts
▪️ Prepare for Behavioral interviews
▪️ Architect large scale systems
▪️ Review your code and pull requests
▪️ Write industry level + production ready code
▪️ Build side projects for skill enhancement
▪️ By Pair-programming if you are facing a challenge and brutally blocked
▪️ Provide right resources to learn a new skill/technology
▪️ Improve soft skills and clear communication
▪️ Setup for promotion to the next level by working on areas of growth
▪️ Help hunt the right job, suggest relevant job positions
▪️ Effective networking and connect with recruiters in my network

I don't provide help in the following matters:
- One's office work
- Freelancing work

I focus on being inquisitive, tailored to you, and above all collaborative. I'm super passionate about giving back, and shaping the future community of seasoned engineers.

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5 out of 5 stars

Sourav is patient and always takes the time to make sure I understand what's going on.



5 out of 5 stars

Great help with data structures



5 out of 5 stars

He is a great mentor and helped me throughout data structures!

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