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Kaleb McKelvey

Sr Software Engineer - Netflix

Kaleb McKelvey is a professional in Product Development and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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Principal Product Manager at Rocket Internet
4.8 stars
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May has historically held ownership and strategic decision making over the go-to-market plans of multimillion-user consumer products, apps and platforms across SEA. Almost 100% of her career has been spent bringing these new products to fruition - making use of Agile frameworks, design thinking methodologies - and then optimising them โ€ฆ
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Senior Software Engineer (Data Engineering / ML) at Voltus
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I have 12+ years of working in successful and failed startups with focus on DataEngineering, MachineLearning. I have deep understanding of SaaS products. In last year or so I have focused myself on clean-tech (climate-tech, clean-energy, climate-crisis). I am leading engineering teams and projects for years. I have work experience โ€ฆ
$80 / month
Product Manager at Meta
Entrepreneur and product manager with 10 years of experience - Meta, Oculus, Shopify
4.9 stars
4.9 (8 reviews)
Hi! I'm a product manager and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience scaling product at top tier Silicon Valley companies like Shopify and Meta (Oculus, Instagram and Facebook). As a business grad and Canadian I had to hustle my way into Product Management and the US. So if your dream โ€ฆ
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$180 / month
Senior User Researcher at Glovo
Senior UX Researcher with 7 years of experience and MSc in Neuroscience
2 x Calls
Hi there! My name is Jeremy, and I am a Senior UX Researcher with 7 years of experience in the industry. As a researcher, I am passionate about understanding people's behaviours and needs to design user-centered products that make a positive impact on their lives. Throughout my career, I have โ€ฆ
Team Lead Site Reliability Engineering at Spryker
SRE and DevOps Mentor, Educator, Author, Technical Leader and Engineering Manager
5.0 stars
5.0 (10 reviews)
Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹ ^^ I'm Aymen and I am an SRE / DevOps Mentor, Engineer, and Engineering Manager. I help my mentees in their SRE and DevOps journey by working on real-world projects, they learn by doing how to provision Cloud Native Platforms in the Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure,..) using โ€ฆ
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Online eCommerce Business Mentor - Start Ups at Upstream Growth
9 years of experience in the eCommerce & Freelance industry who now specialises in Business Mentoring
3 x Calls
Hi there! My name is Stephanie and I currently have 9 years of experience in the eCommerce & Freelance industry who now specialises in Business Mentoring + Development and anything along the lines of Digital Marketing. I am currently providing services as a results-driven business developer to several small businesses โ€ฆ
$100 / month
Head of Product at Alerzo
6+ years of experience in product management | 4+ years of experience in growth marketing
2 x Calls
As a product leader at Alerzo, Rishabh builds B2B marketplace and supply chain products for informal retailers in African markets. He has 6+ years of experience in product management and software engineering, and 4+ years of growth and digital marketing working at a consumer electronics startup based in Silicon Valley. โ€ฆ
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Head of Design at Chartboost
15 years experience in product management, design, development and 5 years of team management
1 x Call
15 years experience in product management (design & development). Founded his first company at 19, built enterprise SaaS products serving Fortune 500 companies with $MM+ revenue and previously, startup co-founder of mobile consumer app with 6 million users/month and worked with Warner Music, RocNation, Spinnin Record and Sony. Key Traits: โ€ฆ
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