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Cameron Jenkinson

CTO - Trackstack

Cameron Jenkinson is a professional in NodeJS and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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$30 / month
Senior Front-End Developer at Toptal
1 x Call
Hi, I'm Rob and I've been a developer for over a decade now. Most recently working as a Principal Applications Engineer at Oracle and I now contract and teach. I currently work with nodejs, react and tailwind but I believe a foundational understanding of javascript is far more important than โ€ฆ
$300 / month
Director of Engineering | Mentor & Coach at Mark43
Senior Engineering Leader | Distinguished Mentor | Board Member
5.0 stars
5.0 (64 reviews)
2 x Calls
An established technical leader for product and commercial teams. Experience and interest with product development with a focus on UX and customers. I have provided mentorship over the last several years to 25+ mentees. I have helped aspiring and senior engineers alike. Whether it is trying to learn a new โ€ฆ
$120 / month
Full Stack Developer (Tech Lead/System Architect) at IronFX
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
1 x Call
Hi! If you need some help preparing for your next interview, getting a fresh and experienced pair of eyes on your resume, struggling with a technical problem or are simply curious and continuously trying to grow as a software engineer you're at the right place. I'm a self taught, self โ€ฆ
Senior Frontend Engineer at Amazon
10+ years of experience as a software engineer, currently at Amazon
My teaching philosophy is to guide you in building your own project start to finish. And throughout the process of building that project you will get a feel for what it could be like working in a professional setting, while also building something uniquely beneficial to you. You write the โ€ฆ
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$150 / month
COO & Full Stack Web Developer at THE GIRL CODE & Musclestadt
4 x Calls
Hello! I'm Shaniya, COO & Full Stack Web Developer, a Python enthusiast, and a girl slightly obsessed for code quality. Also, I love to teach Code. My passion is for building and shipping software. I have used Django-baton for backend. If you have a project that you want to get โ€ฆ
Only 2 Spots Left
$160 / month
Principal Engineer at The Taunton Press
Technical leadership, full stack dev, web performance optimization.
2 x Calls
I'm a full stack developer and web performance professional with a Master's of Education. During my time as a team lead, I mentored my staff to level up their careers and skills. Now I want to provide that same service to others outside of my employer. In my career that โ€ฆ
Senior Consultant at Ensono Digital
Nearly a decade of Web Development experience | Specialise in Typescript, React, Testing
I am a Senior Consultant based in the Midlands with 9 years of Web Development experience from small startups to large corporate companies and more. In the last several companies I have taught junior and mid-level developers new skills and ways of working to help their own personal growth. In โ€ฆ
$120 / month
CTO at
Regular Calls
I'm a CTO @ I am a father, a developer, and a leader. I am excellent in software engineering, delivering value, building great teams, and teaching all of the above to people.
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