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Having been a designer for more than 8 years, I have worked on many multi-national brands such as Toyota, Lexus and Audi. Upon graduating from OCAD University in Toronto, I started my career in advertising and marketing, then transitioning into UI/UX product design. I've worked at many companies ranging from โ€ฆ

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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹! My name is Andreea, I am a Product Designer at UiPath, designing user experiences in Studio, one of the most popular tools for automation. Previously I designed several products, mainly on mobile, like sports training, shipment tracking, jobs hunting, or event apps for festivals. I am an advocate โ€ฆ

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Senior Product Manager with a decade of experience around building and growing consumer products from scratch to 10 Million users across India and South East Asia markets. I love to talk to users, understand what their pain points are and then build solutions for them. My varied experience across multitudes โ€ฆ

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Nick is a web designer turned UX professional. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Graphic Design. He currently works at The Home Depot as a Senior Product Designer. At The Home Depot, Nick works with a team of developers and product managers to design and build โ€ฆ

Designer at Adobe, driving product-led growth initiatives like engagement and monetization for Acrobat. I keep a systems-based approach to design with a strong focus on research and accessibility, all while collaborating on the product roadmap and strategy with cross-functional partners. Iโ€™m an Interaction design graduate from the School of Visual โ€ฆ

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Hi! ๐Ÿ™‹ I'm Marta Portales, a Senior Product Designer at Lookiero with 8+ years of experience as a consultant, moderating brainstorming sessions and designing digital products. I work on many projects and clients (Casino de Barcelona, โ€‹โ€‹Haier, FCSD, Carburos Metรกlicos, Polaroo...). I can guide you and your team to organize โ€ฆ

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I've been a full time UX designer for about 2 years now, with a masters in human computer interaction, a bachelor's in psychology, and a strong passion for solving problems through design!

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Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹, I'm Veit and I bring 16+ years of experience working in the creative industry, on numerous web / video / audio projects and leading an interdisciplinary team running more than 600 music & culture-events and workshops in Germany. I have worked in various industries, including Travel, E-Learning and โ€ฆ

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