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I am a proven UX lead offering fresh insight and a passion for innovation. I have years of experience and have a successful track record in planning, designing, developing, and managing digital-related products, projects, and campaigns for large companies, tech giants and start-ups. I have the proven ability to produce …

$210 / month
2 x Calls

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I promise to provide honest feedback, creative unique solutions, and insights built through experience. I love everything about SEO and content marketing, especially content optimization, technical SEO, and content strategy. With experience in both ecommerce and blog related websites, I have grown organic traffic from 2-3 clicks a week to …

$180 / month
4 x Calls

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Hi there! I have 9+ years of product management experience crafting user-focused solutions and driving success across multiple industries including e-commerce, marketplaces, healthcare, finance, and logistics. My goal is to understand precisely how I can help you, whether through helping guide you through the sometimes intimidating world of product management …

$240 / month
Regular Calls

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Senior designer with 9 years experience with digital & app design (fintech, shopping, consumer products, ecommerce, customer service) working with companies such as: - Shopify - Klarna - Koenigsegg - Mercedes Benz - Estrid/April

$150 / month
1 x Call

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