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sanjeev subedi

Sr. Software Engineer - eBay

sanjeev subedi is a professional in Accessibility and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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$150 / month
Experience Design Lead at Infosys Ltd.
4 x Calls
Hello 👋 My name is Ariella (she/her) and I'm an Experience Design Lead. I genuinely believe that many of the complex problems we face on a daily basis can be solved with intuitive and beautiful design. In my 6+ years crafting digital solutions, I have worked with companies big and …
Senior UX/Product Designer at UiPath
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
Hey there 👋 I'm Alexandra and I'm a Senior Product Designer working at UiPath, designing user experiences for one of the world's most popular tools for automation management. For the past two years, I've been involved in education, mentoring over 40 students, advocating for accessibility, design ethics, and collaboration between …
 Quick Responder
Staff Frontend Engineer at
Turning ideas into experiences remotely
5.0 stars
5.0 (21 reviews)
As a self-taught engineer myself, I still remember all the struggles I faced while developing my engineering skills. Throughout this journey, having a mentor was my secret to set goals with confidence and to learn properly new concepts. In 2019 I started giving back to the community as a mentor. …
Lead of UX Design team at DocuWare
10 years in UXD, UXR. Team Lead UX
MBA. Lead of UX Design team. Human-Computer Interaction specialist. Team Leader of UX Design with people management, leadership, and design management responsibilities. About 10 years in Product Design. Experience in designing corporate and business solutions, product management and digital communication.
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$120 / month
Co-founder & UI/UX Designer at Pengreen Design
8 years of experience designing awesome interfaces
Regular Calls
After I graduated in Product Design, I spent a couple of years jumping between different design areas. That was until I started working and learning UI design. What started as a gig turned out to be something that I really enjoyed, improving my knowledge and moving to UX too. Today …
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$140 / month
 Quick Responder
Senior Software Engineer - FrontEnd at Paytrix
Senior Software Engineer @ Paytrix | Specializing in ReactJs/NextJs, Connected TV & NodeJs
1 x Call
Things we could work on together: - Setting learning goals with accountability - Preparing for interviews - Structuring your learning progression and setting challenges to complete - Code reviews and feedback - Taking an idea from just a thought to a production application - Building a portfolio Hey, my name …
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$180 / month
Co-founder and Head of Design at Pengreen Design
10+ years of experience simplifying complex user interfaces
2 x Calls
For almost 10 years I've been working alongside design and development teams to improve their products' and websites' user experience (UX), applying best UI practices, accessibility, and usability, doing UX Audits, and coordinating designers toward intuitive interfaces. I had a good experience teaching back in college, and it was something …
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