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Justin Shenk

CTO and Co-Founder - VisioLab

Justin Shenk is a professional in Vision and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Product Designer at Ontra
Happy new year! I enjoy mentoring because I understand how hard it can be get started in design, and because (selfishly) it helps me clarify my own thoughts. I'm a self-taught product designer located in San Francisco. I was hired as designer #1 (now a team of 7) at a โ€ฆ
Senior deep learning engineer at Nvidia
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You are looking for someone who can help you ace AI interviews? Or perhaps someone who can guide you build an AI career? I am here to help! Hi, Iโ€™m Nima! Over the past decade, I have developed/applied AI and ML to various applications, including but not limited to object โ€ฆ
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Senior Machine Learning Product Lead at Samsung R&D
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Regular Calls
Deepanshu Setia is working as Senior Machine Learning Product Lead at Samsung R&D with 5yr+ experience, where he leads Data Science team and manages product development, works on cutting edge technologies, and helps in mentoring aspiring data scientists. He is a creative problem solver with mastery in programming & machine โ€ฆ
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Lead Product Manager at CleanHub
A product leader with proven success across startups, scale ups and large corporations.
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As a product leader with proven success across startups, scale ups and large corporations. With over 10+ years experience on B2B and B2C products as well as founding my own companies and exiting them. I have a unique perspective of what it takes to launch the right products that resonate โ€ฆ
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 Quick Responder
Founder at Clerk
Massa is a community leader, AI engineer, Instructor at the university, reviewed multiple research papers at IEEE Access and was the lead organizer of the first TEDx event in her country. She was chosen with other 25 interns out of 520 candidates to be an intern at the Microsoft Research โ€ฆ
$80 / month
Product Manager at GetBuzz
Incoming SWE @Microsoft - Technical Writer @Medium - P.M. @GetBuzz - Ex Tech Lead @NDWebSolutions
2 x Calls
Experienced Product Manager and Software Engineer with experience in both startup and corporate environments. I am an incoming Microsoft Software Engineer, currently working as Product Manager at Getbuzz. I will help you to growth both technically and personally, helping you to develop leadership and being able to exposes your self โ€ฆ
AI Product Owner at Bayerischer Rundfunk
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As an experienced AI Product Owner, I have a proven track record of planning product vision, strategy, and roadmaps for AI projects and strategizing the scaling of complex deep learning infrastructure. In the past, I designed and developed machine learning systems. I love designing machine learning solutions to solve real-world โ€ฆ
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Product Designer at Shopify
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5.0 (15 reviews)
Hi, ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Becca, currently a Product Designer at Shopify. I have a psychology degree with 4 years of banking experience before pursuing a career in design. You might wonder how I was able to get my first design position. You might also wonder what kind of further education and โ€ฆ
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