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Vladimer Botsvadze

Startup Mentor @ Techstars
πŸš€ Helping Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, & Small Businesses Build an Online Brand That Delivers a Strong ROI πŸ“ˆ
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$350 / month

Offering one-on-one digital marketing mentoring sessions to help individuals grow their businesses.

2 calls per month

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πŸš€ Elevate Your Business with Bespoke Mentorship! 🌟

I'm Vladimer Botsvadze, an accomplished entrepreneur, influential social media figure, sought-after keynote speaker, and dedicated mentor. For over 15 years, I've navigated the international landscape, guiding executives and renowned brands toward transformative growth and market leadership.

✨ Acknowledged as the β„–1 Global Marketing, Retail, and Social Media Thought Leader by Thinkers360, I actively mentor at Techstars and contribute to the Advisory Board of the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute.

πŸ“° My expertise has garnered attention from Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Wired, Yahoo Finance, World Biz Magazine, Irish Tech News, Voyage LA Magazine, and other esteemed publications, solidifying my reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

πŸŽ™οΈ As a judge at the Webby Awards and a speaker at the Global Marketing Summit alongside luminaries like Professor Philip Kotler, I've shared insights and wisdom that transcend boundaries.

πŸ’‘ My mentorship offers a personalized approach:

πŸ—ΊοΈ Crafting Your Custom Career Roadmap
🌟 Building Personal Branding
πŸ“± Mastering Social Media
🀝 Building Communities
πŸ“– Storytelling
🎨 Connecting with Customers through Content Creation
πŸ”„ Guiding Through Transition into Marketing
πŸ“š Crafting an Impressive Portfolio
πŸ“Ž Equipping With Tailored Tools

🌟 Testimonials from Industry Leaders:

"Vladimer's insights drive modern digital marketing strategies to new heights." - Danielle Hershman, Strategic Healthcare Director at Cisco
"He's one of the world's most influential marketers. Highly recommend." - Nicholas Pillay, Marketing Program Manager at APJC
"A true inspiration in digital marketing transformation." - Stefan Laurell, CEO at BDHR
"Vladimer's astute insights have enabled stellar business results." - Murad Salman Mirza, Contributing Author at HR.com

🀝 My mentoring style focuses on teamwork and tailor-made strategies. Let's explore how my mentorship aligns with your aspirations in an introductory call! ☎️

Ready to elevate your marketing career? Reach out, and together, let's build your future! 🌐

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