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Vladimer Botsvadze

Advisory Board Member @ United States Artificial Intelligence Institute
Guiding Brands and Individuals to Global Success as the World's No. 1 Marketing Thought Leader
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Offering one-on-one digital marketing mentoring sessions to help individuals grow their businesses.

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Hello, I'm Vladimer Botsvadze, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of international experience, widely recognized as a leading influencer in the realms of digital transformation and marketing. My journey spans across various roles, from keynote speaker and professor to futurist and C-suite mentor. My career in the technology industry has been nothing short of remarkable, earning me a reputation as one of the brightest minds in digital transformation.

I play a pivotal role in maximizing the success of top brands, start-ups, and individuals as they navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. My consistent performance has led to my recognition as the No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader by Thinkers360. I proudly serve on the Advisory Boards of esteemed institutions like the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute and the United States Data Science Institute, in addition to being an Advisory Council Member at the prestigious Harvard Business Review.

My insights and expertise have been featured in esteemed publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. I've had the honor of serving as a judge at both the Gartner Marketing Awards and the Webby Awards, while also dedicating my time to mentoring start-ups at Techstars, Abu Dhabi SME Hub, and the UCLA Anderson School of Management. My expertise holds the stamp of approval from the American Marketing Association.

Notably, I've shared my knowledge at the Global Marketing Summit, where I've been listed alongside luminaries like Prof. Philip Kotler. My recommendations come from top executives and managers at renowned companies like Google, MasterCard, PepsiCo, AC Milan, and Forrester Research, to name a few. I'm also passionate about nurturing the next generation of talent and mentor students at the University of Westminster.

Recognitions such as being among the Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch by The Enterprise World Magazine, Top 10 Influential Business Leaders in 2023 by Tycoon Success Magazine, and Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders in 2022 by Insights Success Magazine have reinforced my commitment to excellence. I've also been acknowledged as the No. 13 Most Influential Customer Experience Influencer by Engati, part of the Top 25 Digital Transformation Influencers You Should Work With in 2023 (EMEA), and a member of the Top 100 Global Retail Influencers by RETHINK Retail. My impact extends to being named one of the Top 100 Marketing Speakers by ENGAGE and recognized among the Luminaries: Most Iconic Leaders by CIO Today Magazine.

Across my social media channels, I'm fortunate to have a following of over 130,000 individuals, predominantly on Twitter (44,300), LinkedIn (29,200), and Instagram (9,700).

My journey to becoming a thought leader has been marked by my work in diverse fields such as creative work, marketing, technology, and e-commerce. While I've made significant strides working with Fortune 500 brands, I've also recognized the importance of extending my mentorship to smaller businesses and individuals.

My mentorship program is designed to foster growth and success. It begins with a comprehensive Zoom meeting to understand your business goals, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. I conduct a thorough analysis of your business, including products, marketing, sales, and operations, to identify opportunities for accelerated growth. I tailor my mentorship program to suit your unique needs.

My approach involves deep analysis, refined business strategy, the discovery of growth opportunities, and a customer-centric focus. I provide hands-on support to execute the growth plan, and throughout the month, I offer ongoing mentorship sessions. Leveraging my years of industry experience, I offer you a competitive edge and invaluable insights to drive your business towards success.

If my mentorship sessions align with your needs, I invite you to book a session and share information about your company. In the ever-changing landscape of business, adaptation is key, and I'm here to empower you to thrive.

With a portfolio of successful projects, I offer unparalleled guidance to global clients as they navigate the dynamic modern business world. My arsenal of game-changing strategies is meticulously crafted to provide clients with a competitive advantage, ensuring long-term success and sustainability. From New York City to Sydney, I'm celebrated as a global audience favorite, setting the highest standards for marketing. My clients consistently find inspiration in my advice and are well-prepared to implement practical strategies that drive results. In a world where technological advancements shape the competitive landscape, staying ahead is the ultimate goal for brands, and I'm here to guide you on that journey.

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