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Harry O'Connor

Founder / CEO / Owner - multiple digital agencies

Harry O'Connor is a professional in Branding and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Senior UX/Product Designer at UiPath
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
Hey there 👋 I'm Alexandra and I'm a Senior Product Designer working at UiPath, designing user experiences for one of the world's most popular tools for automation management. For the past two years, I've been involved in education, mentoring over 40 students, advocating for accessibility, design ethics, and collaboration between …
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$150 / month
💰 Click for $100 discount // Award-winning Product Innovation & Brand Strategy // Startup Advisor & Coach at Microsoft • xBox • Telekom & more 🚀
15+ years of experience • Helping you super-charge your product & brand innovation!
💰 Reach out today for an exclusive limited time discount of $100 (available to my first Mentees, only while I'm still new on MentorCruise) After 15+ years of experience at A-List companies in NYC, London & Berlin I am here to provide world-class insights and actionable advice if you: 1. …
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$90 / month
 Quick Responder
UX/UI Designer at Sogeti
4.7 stars
4.7 (3 reviews)
2 x Calls
Hi! I am Xanthe, a senior UX & UI Designer. I mentor Junior/Medior Designers and starters who want a career change, are looking for their first UX/UI job or need some guidance. I am experienced in UX Research, UX- UI Design, Visual Design and Branding. I have worked at an …
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$180 / month
Founder at Unlock
2 x Calls
I am deeply passionate about technology and helping others excel in their lives. I firmly believe that happy people and servant leadership is the key to building successful and healthy organizations. Achieving success in life is so much easier and fun when we are surrounded by happy, healthy, engaged, and …
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$40 / month
 Quick Responder
Assistant Account Executive at Arc Worldwide
Regular Calls
If you’ve been searching for support on how to break into the Marketing/Advertising industry as a student or recent college graduate from someone who gets where you’re coming from - you’ve found the right mentor. Together, we will lay out direct and actionable steps to build your personal brand, build …
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$180 / month
 Quick Responder
Marketing Director at Nike
+15 years marketing experience working in a variety of top companies - Nike, Mars, PepsiCo, Bayer.
4.0 stars
4.0 (1 review)
3 x Calls
Born and raised in Mexico City with +15 years of marketing experience working in a variety of top companies like Nike, Mars, PepsiCo, Bayer, to name a few, has enable me a deep knowledge in business strategy, storytelling, omnichannel marketing strategy, consumer insights, public speaking, change management, talent development, creative …
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$450 / month
Founder / CEO / Advisor at KWID,,, Startup Zen and more
Seasoned Advisor with 30+ Years Experience in Entrepreneurship
5.0 stars
5.0 (4 reviews)
2 x Calls
FOUNDERS LIKE YOU ARE SAYING IT BEST: "Over the past year or so I've had the pleasure of being able to work with Greg and I've made great strides doing so. Thanks to his wealth of knowledge and his years of experience, he is always able to make a clear …
$120 / month
Founder, Investor, Coach at Independent
Brand & Business Strategy | Personal & Professional Coaching
2 x Calls
From one of my latest clients, Matthew: “Simply put, Amanda didn’t just change my life. She transformed it. Prior to working directly with Amanda, I knew her to be intelligent and articulate. However, it was by hiring her as my coach that I was able to experience firsthand how skillfully …
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