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Aayush Arora

Founder & CEO - FilterPixel

Aayush Arora is a professional in Java and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Senior Software Engineer | Interview Expert at Amazon
I am a software design enthusiast and a passionate engineer experienced in delivering simple elegant solutions to complex ambiguous problems. Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon where over the last 9 years I've worked in various areas including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Alexa and Amazon Logistics. I have ...
Frontend Engineer at Possible Finance
5.0 stars
5.0 (3 reviews)
Hi! I'm Thacher and I work as a Frontend Engineer at Possible Finance helping to bring financial fairness to underserved communities. I work mostly in React and React Native with the Frontend development team. I am both a former bootcamp student and instructor so I'm ready to help you get ...
$150 / month
Software Engineer II, Platform at Postman
4.4 stars
4.4 (25 reviews)
4 x Calls
I am Software Engineer with more than 3 years of experience. Currently, I am working at Postman as an Infrastructure Engineer. I have a versatile tech stack, and I am super active when it comes to contributing back to the tech community and helping fellow engineers. Do include me in ...
$220 / month
Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer at DSL
5.0 stars
5.0 (2 reviews)
10 x Calls
As a highly skilled and analytical developer, I harness imagination, technology and various methods to solve problems. With more than a decade of experience as a software developer, I have an incredible knack for finding practical and elegant, user-centered solutions that drive business priorities. I subscribe to agile, pair programming(where ...
Engineering Lead at GoCardless
I am currently Engineering Lead at GoCardless, a fintech based in London, UK. On a day to day basis, I lead technical projects across the stack, working with technologies like React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, PostgreSQL. Prior to this role, I worked as a Software Engineer for 6 ...
Only 1 Spot Left
$110 / month
Frontend Developer / UI and UX Designer at Andela
1 x Calls
I'm a Front-end engineer and UI designer, I am passionate about creating intuitive and engaging interfaces with emphasis on aesthetics, user experience, and optimization. My Development stack includes: Html, CSS, Saas, javascript, JQuery, Angular and React JS (Next JS, Redux, Redux-Saga) For Graphics / Motion Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After ...
Only 3 Spots Left
$240 / month
Tech Lead at Beyond Scopes
4 x Calls
A Full Stack Developer with 8 years of experience, I manage, lead and build solutions from start to finish. I help customers define and implement greenfield projects, as well as improve or migrate their existing applications. I have previously taught programming classes and helped mentees. I can't be happier then ...
Only 1 Spot Left
$240 / month
Serverless Engineer at Sellar
5.0 stars
5.0 (5 reviews)
Regular Calls
Hi there Iā€™m Cameron šŸ‘‹ If you are looking for a clearer path to getting ahead in a severless first world or want to navigate the full stack Javascript career path better then I can help you. I currently work as the CTO at Trackstack where we work with a ...
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