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Lloyd Jacob

I am a 5x Founder, Y Combinator Alumni, Product expert & Active Mentor to startup founders. I speak SaaS, Advertising, Product Development and Startup Success. - Working on something new ;)

Lloyd Jacob is a professional in SEO and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Growth Marketing Lead at Airbnb
I started my working life as a professional athlete in the German Handball Bundesliga, where I played 6 years. Then, I started a desk job as campaign manager SEM for Unister in Leipzig Germany, handling large budgets. A few months later I was asked to built out the BeNeLux region …
Digital manager & Content marketer at Shopify
I have 10+ years of experience in digital marketing especially in digital strategy, content marketing, project management, PR & SEO. I also have good knowledge of digital advertising & growth hacking techniques. As a professional who has worked in multiple sectors for different types of business (agencies, startups, big tech …
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$120 / month
Head of Growth at Minute Media
Regular Calls
Highly experienced in the digital media and technology industries with a focus on growth, Seo and strategic partnerships.
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$199 / month
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Resulta
4 x Calls
I am a pioneer in the digital industry and a serial entrepreneur who specializes in strategy, branding, and digital marketing with over 25 years of experience on both the client and agency sides. I have worked with clients from various industries, including brands such as Sony, TIM Telecom, Second Cup, …
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$199 / month
Technical SEO - CRO at
2 x Calls
I work mainly with Publishers and eCommerces in LATAM, here to share as much knowledge as possible.
Founding Partner at We Scale Startups
5.0 stars
5.0 (4 reviews)
I help early-stage startups and businesses grow using data-driven growth marketing to build scalable, predictable and repeatable machines that scale revenue and customer acquisition activities. Having played the roles of founder, employee and consultant, I have a unique perspective on what businesses need to grow. With extensive experience in getting …
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$120 / month
Head of Growth at Tiendanube
2 x Calls
I had to work in journalism, copywriting, social media, e-commerce and digital marketing to end up finding my place in the combination, coordination and management of all of them. I'm a digital marketing manager focused on inbound marketing, content marketing and growth marketing (are they even different things at all? …
Only 5 Spots Left
$240 / month
Webflow Expert + Medic at
4 x Calls
Hi there, my name is Ragee and I am the coding medic. I have a medical background but also love to code. I currently love and use a no-code platform called Webflow. If you are a designer or someone who wants to get into frontend coding but want to have …
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